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Smells Delicious! :D

I love this blush! Benefit has the cutest packaging ^_^ This blush is perfect for summer because of the color and shimmer :) oh & it smells really good lol

In Love!

A new Sephora opened up in my mall about a month ago. A few days ago I went in to just look around & see what was new. After months of looking for the Naked palette I finally found it there & I ended up getting palette one & two! Anyway, this palette is perfect for everyday use. The shadows are extremely soft and easy to blend. Urban Decay eye shadows are the best!! :)

Love Them!

I have six of these books (2 different neutral, 2 different smokey & 2 different bright eye) I know, that's a lot >_< lol but I love them! The pigmentation is amazing & the colors are gorgeous. This specific book has a range of matte, shimmery & glittery eyeshadows which is great! Some of them actually remind me of the eyeshadows in the naked palette.

This palette has some ass kicking colors :D They're bright & super pigmented. They're also very easy to blend. Urban Decay eyeshadows are so soft & almost creamy. I actually have a tutorial using this palette :)

love 'em!

I actually have all of these and I had no idea lol. The one I use the most is the black one but I recently started using the other ones because the colors are gorgeous!! :)

Pigmentation is Amazing

So I only have one of these and that's "Misfit" but I do want to get some more because these duos are extremely pigmented. The greenish eyeshadow in this duo is GORGEOUS! I definitely need to do a tutorial using this :)

Best Base Ever!

I love using Painterly as a base for my eyeshadows. It makes the color more vibrant & it helps the shadow stay in place. I only have Painterly but I definitely want to try other paint pots.

Love It!

So I finally bought this brush a few months ago, I had to after all the good things I heard about it. At first I wanted to use it as a blush brush but I also use it to contour. I've hear people say that you can use it for liquid foundation but I haven't tried that yet. Anyways I absolutely love this brush & right now I'm dying without it because I left it at my boyfriend's house! >_<

love love love!!

This is for sure one of my favorite palettes. The colors are amazing & the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented. Urban Decay eyeshadows are the best ^_^ I love that it comes with two eyeliners & a mini primer potion. When I went to buy it there was only one left & I got it :D lol

I was actually very surprised with these quads. They are very pigmented and worth it. You're getting four different eyeshadow colors for only $1, you can't really beat that. I have about 5 or 6 of them and I'm thinking of doing some tutorials with each quad. :P

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