Beauty Product Reviews


This is my hands down favorite dry shampoo- I just wish it wasn't so expensive! I am a wash my hair once a week girl to preserve my color so dry shampoo is a must. This stuff is great. You can use minimal product and the results are better than clean hair because you have more volume and texture. Nothing else comes close so open up your wallet.

Best investment I have ever made!

This thing is freaking awesome! I use this all the time-I literally have been able to get rid of all my other irons. The 2 in is my personal favorite-it makes perfect beachy wave curls. If I curl my hair with a heat protectant and hair spray this lasts me two or three days. Best wand ever.

objects are larger than they appear.

The Cateye lashes are awesome-but fyi they are huge! The packaging and lash quality is great. I guess I just didn't expect them to be quite so giant-but I am still in love.

creates a flawless face

I love using this primer on clients with large pores or acne scars. It really helps create a nice smooth canvas to apply foundation to. It feels nice on, its even great with no foundation to even out the texture of the skin.

Great for red spots

I use this primer just over red areas to limit the amount of product I have to use correcting skin tones. I works really well. For myself, I just apply it over my cheeks and spot any read areas. Then I use another primer for other areas-when i used it all over I didn't like the affect. Great way to limit the amount of product on your face and still correct redness.


I adore this foundation. Its light weight but still allows for a lot of coverage. It manages to cover imperfections without covering up freckles which is a bonus. I feel flawless and airy when I wear this foundation.

on the fence

I love Inglot! I have two 40 palettes of eyeshadows, all the brow colors and a few gel liners. While I do like the color selection and price for the concealers-the texture isn't great and they do crease. I've taken to sandwiching them with my mufe to stop the creasing.

Most versatile bronzer ever!

Seriously! This stuff works for every skin tone and never looks orange. Its also great for contouring paler skin. You also get a lot of bang for your buck. The packaging has gotten smaller over the years but the amount of product hasn't decreased-all the easier to fit in my kit.

This product changed my skin!

I do not use this product as directed. Its supposed to be used 2 to 3 times per weeks for about 20 minutes as a masque. I just use it daily as a face wash. I wash my face with the skin clearing gel and then with this cream exfoliant. I leave it on for a few minutes-maybe two or three. Afterwards I use a heavy duty night time moisturizer. In the morning I just use the skin clearing gel and a light weight moisturizer with SPF. I cannot believe how much my skin has changed. The constant breakouts are gone-I don't know what I would do without this stuff.


I just used this palette for the first time today. And its love. I literally used every single color on my eyeshadow this morning to create a simple, slightly smokey work appropriate style. I have never been able to do that with just one palette before. In the past I've had to combine my naked palette with my too faced matte palette. This colors on this new palette are so smooth and super pigmented! Definitely worth the money if you ask me. I think this will be a new staple of my daily routine.