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I now can no longer live with out this pallet.... I don't think I've found anything so amazing, ever! the colours are so nice and soft.... I can't emphasis how amazing this is.

Quick and Easy.

This does what it says on the tube, it plumps and it gives a gorgeous shine. It tastes pretty good too, not too icky and not too sweet, sort of minty... The two downsides to this are the fact that it becomes sticky quickly, but that was dealable with... and you need to reply it after eating, but thats kind of a given. However, that said, the colour lasts for ever, I've been wearing it since about 2 pm and its now 8 pm and its still the same colour!

Good colours!

Defiantly loving the colours in this pallet, especially the purples and blues (as I don't often buy those myself). Great thing to have for just experimenting with colours and looks, also very good for testing which colours go and which do not. For example, just went out wearing one of the darker reds and a violet smokey eye... worked pretty well! Like allot of pallets, some colours are better and more pigmented than the others. The 2 let downs on this are the black and the white colours... they do not stay on longer than about an hour. Other than that, no let downs!

I no longer need a stylist.

When I first got this, I was skeptic, not going to lie, but I was pleasantly surprised. The wand is easy to use, though it does take time to master the technique to make your curls last all night. The simple twisting motion that most people use will not work with these bad boys, you have to make sure the hair is FLAT against the barrel, then you get proper ringlets. Normally I can't be bothered with this, so I will grab great chunks of my hair and just wrap them around the wand which gives a gorgeous waving effect. All in all, a good £130 spent.... but aye.. the price is allot

I will use this until I die... or they stop selling it

I couldn't even put into words how much this product has changed my life. I used to have really badly burst capillaries on my face, under my eyes, on my cheek bones and across my nose. After using this product for about 3 weeks, I no longer need to wear foundation when I go outside to face the world. I don't know how it works, but it leaves my skin completely devoid of blotchy red patches, feeling soft, rejuvenated and moisturized! Its a wonder product. I would recommend this to anyone who needed to get rid of any redness in their face. This baby is staying in my bag forever!

I think the word I'm looking for here is fabulous...

Most amazing range of colours for any make up brand I've come across, Barry M is a cheaper high street version of Urban Decay's liner pencils. Though they are not as creamy as the Urban Decay pencils, they work just as well and have the amazing ability to make your eyes pop! They are smudgable, but also (if you put a primer or a bit of foundation on your lids) last all night long! Personally (as I have blue eyes) I'm in love with number 10 as it has a soft gold shimmer that really accentuates my baby blues.

Fine on its own...

I have been looking for an alternative from my Maybelline full and soft as I can't find a place that still sells them other than the internet... and £3.50 post and packing for 1 product is extortionate. I do like this product on its own, so like barely any make-up, just the bare and fresh look, however, it doesn't work when with more make up. I find that it doesn't really give you the ooophm factor that any eyeshadow look needs.

No, just no.

I had such high hopes for this product! what an utter let down! I find with allot of Elf's eye shadows, that they are not highly pigmented enough to even give any effect what so ever. Such a shame.

Perfect for nude lips

I am not a very lip wearer of lippy, I will admit, but this one is perfect for for just the natural nude look. I find that wearing it for work is really good as it actually leaves your lips feeling hydrated and you don't even need a gloss! cheap and effective.


I have tried many liquid lipsticks, but this one is the best in my opinion. It glides on with out problem, isn't sticky and lasted a wholllllle night out with out sticking to glasses or cheeks or what not, favorite liquid lipstick.

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