Beauty Product Reviews

Thins & Seperates

One of the only good things that I can say about this mascara is that it deff. seperates your lashes from eachother (aka no clumping). The packaging is super cute, but my lashes ARENT when I use this product. I'm a fan of full, sexy, voluminous lashes. This mascara would be great for someone who likes natural looking lashes though.

Love this stuff!

I always have a hard time trying to find a blush that isn't too overpowering. This blush is perfect! It gives the most natural looking color pay off on my cheeks. Plus it doesn't break me out :] I have the one in "Natural", but I've read that all of the shades are pretty great.


I love this eyelash curler, I use it everyday :] It deff. curls your lashes to the max, without hurting your eyelid. Plus it comes with extra bottom pieces (what are they called? lol), so you can switch it out if it goes bad. I always re-purchase this :]

Not my cup of tea.

I purchased two of theses all over color sticks. However, I don't like the consistency of the product. It does have rich color payoff, but after wearing this on my cheeks for about an hour, I found myself going to the bathroom to scrub it off. It's deff heavy on your cheeks.. Works great as a lip product though.

You get what you pay for.

I only paid $1 for this eyeliner pen, but I suppose you could say it was a dollar well spent? After purchase, I was able to use this pen for about a month before it dried out. I tried putting a little water on the tip to help it stay moist, but it didn't work. But I mean for $1, you get what you pay for.

Works Great!

I love these things. I pick them up at my local dollar store for about $1 each. They work great, I wish the handle was a little shorter though. It's hard to be precise about it at first, but once you get the feel for the brush, you'll be creating some awesome designs! They also dry out pretty quickly, but just add a few drops of fingernail polish remover to it if that happens :]