Beauty Product Reviews

amzing product horrible sponge

I think is the best powder I have ever used for natural finish, it feels so smooth and refreshing it is amazing I can't believe a powder can feel so soft ans silky, yes its true it difusses light so is like you have a blur ffect on your skin.

Sound like magic! but they have to ruin it with the terrrible packing why that sponge? it don't let you take the product easily and because I'm a pro make up artist I can't use it in different clients, and even if it is just for personal use I think is not hygienic at all... Anyway you allways can get rid of that horrible sponge.

one of the best mac foundation

This is great it is sucha lovely foundation, I've been trying it for a montho or two and this is my go to when i want a medium cover foundation. It goes amazing on almost all skin type just avoid it of you are oily or hate satin finish. It is such a flattering product, it gives really a natural finish with extra moist look. Probably with this foundation MAC can say "we care about your skin" it is the firs that do something for the skin it actualy feels hydraiting. if you have a really dry skin use a good moisturizer before and a mineralize powder on top to set. It moves around a lot it need a sheer powder on top at least. This is probably wierd but i like to mix it with the pro longweare one, using the pro longweare to sculpt over this foundation and looks amazing!

great shimmer

Love the fact is not sparkly, is very easy to blend it look kinda natural, is good on face and body lovely on legs and shoulders, but I think is better on its own if you aply over foundation may look caky or start to hmmm "crack" never use over powder!

yes it feel hydraiting

I usually hate lipglossthis one was given to me at sephora to try out, and I actually liked it is not to sticky is comfortable to wear, also the pigmantation is good, the aplicator is amazong that gummy thing really make a difrence, i find that sometime the "hairish" aplicators tikle a bit hehe this on dosent and you recive al the product, even when im never use the aplicator for clients this one let me work it better on the back of my hand. the only thing negative is the reason why i hate glosses you have to reapply very often =)

one of the best

I absolutly love it is perfect on its own, is amazing as a base for eyeshadows, is really easy to blend, just have to work fast because it set and then nothing can move it, i love the packaging is not cute but is very functional, usually with cream eyeshadows because of the packaging tends to dry and become useless but this one is perfect cannot get dry, I wish they made more colors, totally recomend this

great but low gamma

Is great has a very nice dewy finish, is lovely in dry skin, I would recomend it for normal to dry skin, the color base is so neutral so go beautifull in so many skin undertones, also stay put all day very well, in the store they told me it was a sheer foundation but I would say it is a medium cover wich is very nice to. I loved the price i had try other foundations more expensive and this one could be my second favorite =) the only think i don't like is it has not dark skin color the darkest is for olive skins at least is the gamma you can find in Mexico

great quality but not to much

I really loved MAC eyeshadows and this one was not an exception but, is too big is difficult to need such a huge eyeshadow and I think all the mac eyeshadow stay but very well so i did not notice a diference that way... The color I bought is amazing is such a perfect base for neutral makeup is very easy to blend, it has a little shimmer but very subtle wich I love it has a little bit of a pink so it look very healthy. So is a good product but I think is to big and not to diferent to regular mac eyeshadows so may be you can find a similar color in a lower price

Great blending

Very easy to blend, color rich, stays on very well, love the fact is two colors in one pencil, good price quality. Totally recomend it great for make smoke eyes also in waterline goes well not all day but looks really good.