Alberto P.
one of the best

I absolutly love it is perfect on its own, is amazing as a base for eyeshadows, is really easy to blend, just have to work fast because it set and then nothing can move it, i love the packaging is not cute but is very functional, usually with cream eyeshadows because of the packaging tends to dry and become useless but this one is perfect cannot get dry, I wish they made more colors, totally recomend this

Christina L.
Was it just me?
Photo of product included with review by Christina L.

Or did anyone else have this problem? When I opened mine, instantly, all the product started coming out of the tube and I couldn't stop it. I put half of it into a small container and it stopped but I ending up wasting a good chunk of product. Besides that, I love it! I use it constantly as a base. I love using it to build on different shadows and pigments, especially for smokey eyes. I definitely want to get more.

Jenny M.

Favorite color! MAC Paints are easy to apply, very smooth non drying to lids. You can wear it alone on top it off with your favorite shadow. I love to wear BAMBOOM all over my lids and deepen the outer v with a dark plum shadow and call it a day! Very good product to invest in although packaging could be better. You only need a tiny bit.