Urban Decay

Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder


Alberto P.
amzing product horrible sponge

I think is the best powder I have ever used for natural finish, it feels so smooth and refreshing it is amazing I can't believe a powder can feel so soft ans silky, yes its true it difusses light so is like you have a blur ffect on your skin.

Sound like magic! but they have to ruin it with the terrrible packing why that sponge? it don't let you take the product easily and because I'm a pro make up artist I can't use it in different clients, and even if it is just for personal use I think is not hygienic at all... Anyway you allways can get rid of that horrible sponge.

Zakiya S.

I actually got this by accident when I went to Ulta. Instead of being a complainer, I just kept and tried it. Thank goodness I did. I love this stuff. It's very very light and reflects light very well you can wear with makeup or alone. It actually does not give a paste-y overcast but it actually enhances the color your wearing and gives a silky finish. I love how it feel with my brush too.

Urban Decay is always on the mark with alot of their products. You can tell there was a lot of thought behind the features of this product.

So, I need to get more for my personal and my professional kit.

Sophie R.
Unreal finish!

Fab finish, fine powder that is barely detectable. The sponge that comes with it is a bit crap, but I just take it off, put some product in the lid and Kabuki it up! Def recommend it.

Nikki S.
Love this stuff!
Photo of product included with review by Nikki S.

This stuff works WONDERS for me! I got in a kit and boy I can't wait to buy the full size version. I apply all of my make up and then use this to set my makeup. It makes my complexion look flawless, it's silky smooth and helps to control shine (which is very important because I have super oily skin). I'm not a fan of the packaging, but I can work with it. I just dab it all around my face then blend it in with a fluffy brush. It photographs amazing too. I included a pic with this that I took after using this stuff, and my complexion looks flawless!

Raven N.
Not really impressive...

I got this wanting to try something besides the MUFE HiDef Powder. This one is not as white like the MUFE one but they both have similar textures (although this one isn't as "fluffy cornstarch" feeling). I like how the MUFE powder looks on my face over the UD powder. The UD powder doesn't give me that flawless and finished look that the MUFE one does. And I don't like the application of this one as much. I like the idea of being able to press it on my face but it seems to get kind of gross looking and then I need to use a brush anyway to blend it in without smudging my makeup. If I don't do that then I can see the white marks on my face from where I pressed the powder on. The packaging isn't very convenient for sticking a brush in either so you are kind of forced to use the white sponge thing unless you want to make a mess...By no means is it a BAD product, I would just not buy this again just because if I want spend that much I will just get the MUFE powder or another one that works to my personal liking better.