Beauty Product Reviews


This was the first blush I bought from stila, I fell in love right away it's sticky in the package but it glides right on the face, and blends so smoothly. I love this and now own every color, they are great lipsticks also.


I had high expectations for this concealer, being heavy duty and all, and seeing as hard candy at walmart is a re-release of the Sephora hard candy (which I loved so much more!). It claims to be heavy duty enough to cover a tattoo, which is not true. I've tried on all three of mine, nothing, even after I had diluted the color. I've found better concealer for the birthmark on my face. I just don't think this is a very good "heavy duty" concealer.


This is probably the best powder brush I have ever used, seriously I have nothing bad to say about it! It's so soft and thick and does exactly what I need it to do! For only $3 this is phenomenal!

When they say mini must haves, they're not kidding! I bout the one with the blush, and face primer, I'm so happy I did because it's so much easier to have samples of a few different items than buying full sized of anything and being disappointed. i REALLY LIKE THESE AND THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE MORE! (:


I really love this blush, because it gives just the right amount of color for me, I've tried other blushes however they were to pigmented for me. The only downfall of this blush is that it as way to much shimmer.


I really don't like the way this looks on my skin, it kind of clumps up for me and settles in spots here and there with the pink showing, and I really don't use much of it at all.

To good for words

I have been using essie since I was a little girl, it's inexpensive and very nice. I've actually never had this chip on me at all, and you really only need one coat of this. It's probably the best brand of nail polish I've used, I prefer it over O.P.I

love it!

These are so inexpensive and on top of that really pigmented, an awesome base. The only bad thing I would ever say about this is that I hate sharpening it!