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I was in love with moroccanoil when i had long hair. It made my hair really soft and shiney. But now I cut my hair and it doesn't work at all for it anymore. I take the tiniest amount but after I used it, the ends of my hair look really greasy. So if your hair is long: Go and buy it, but if it is shorter be careful.


This didn't cover up my pores at all! I had the feeling that my skin couldn't breathe anymore. your skin feels smooth after you applied it but the consistancy is somehow weird! and the smell of it is awful! so definitely not benefit's best product

Too heavy!

I was so excited to try this color because it looked so nice! The pigmentation is great....too great in my opinion. I have a very fair skin tone and this blush is just too heavy for it. You have to take the tiniest bit and apply it very lightly but for me it's still then too pink and makes me look like a clown. I also think it's too glittery. Just so not natural. And the brush it comes with....well what should I just sucks. You cant apply a blush like this with that would get a fat pink glittery balk in your face and just look like a 7 year old girl that tried out mommies makeup.

The packaging is gorgeous, but thats just benefit. They're packaging is always gorgeous.

So really disappointed because the color is really nice, but applied just too heavy!

Good for everyday look, but no drama !

I like this mascara a lot. It's perfect for everyday, especially when your younger or you just like it the more natural way. It separates your lashes very well and they don't get clumpy. AND it makes your lashes really long. If you want a mascara that gives you volume I don't think that this is the right choice for you. It doesn't hold de curl very much and it doesn't give your eyes that intense look. It's really more on the natural side.

What I also like about it is the brush. Because at the top of the brush there is a little "ball-brush" and with this you can perfectly put on the mascara on your lower lashes.

I fell in love with this cream the first time I used it! Total Moisture is really what it gives U. Because it's more on the thicker side I love to use it on a No-MakeUp-Day or when I just have a lot of time to let my skin soak it in. I don't use it before I go to bed because then I prefer my clean start "bedtime for breakouts" cream because I need something for my acne. I don't find that the benefit cream is good for's more to prevent dryness and it lets your face look shiny and healthy, just very natural but without looking greasy.

But the best part of it is the SMELL!!!!! Mmmhm...smells like cucumbers but not to heavy just fresh and perfect after getting up! The packaging is also quite cute, very beachy and "summerish" =)

This cream does a really good job and I think it's worth its price!

I fell in love!

I saw so many reviews on this product that I had to try it myself. And I fell in love with it immediately. I'm in the color B30 (Beige - Sable). I't feels very light on your skin because there's so much water in it but for me it gives me enough coverage and it really feels like a second skin. Plus it has SPF 15 and that's never a bad thing because you really should protect your skin from the sun. Never had a better foundation it's really worth the money.

I recommend apply it with your fingers and then go over it with a stippling brush so that you get this airbrushed effect that makes it look very natural.


I bought this product maybe 2 months ago and ever since I used it every day. I have really dark circles under my eyes and I need a concealer that is a little bit thicker and gives me good coverage. But my under eye area is very dry and so after a while the concealer looks very crumbly because it dried out. I used a normal eye cream but that wasn't enough. Then I got the vibrancy eye primer and it changed everything. I really can't live without it. I apply it before my concealer and it moisturizes so well and feels cooling. My concealer doesn't crumble anymore and stays on all day.

Can't say anything bad about it.

Touch Up!

I wouldn't use this powder foundation for m normal make-up routine in the morning because it doesn't give me enough coverage but over a normal liquid foundation it's too heavy for me ... but if you really want to be all covered up maybe you'll like it.

What I like to do instead is to carry the Studio Fix in my little Make-Up back which I have in my purse. It's perfect when you notice that your foundation isn't as perfect as it was in the morning and you want to touch up. Then the Studio Fix gives you enough coverage and a nice finish.

Because it is so creamy I like to apply it with the sponge that comes with it because for my kabuki brush the consistency is to creamy.

It's worth it!

All nighter! Definitely true. My hair is naturally straight and thin. That means when I curl my hair I really need a good hair spray. The big sexy hair spray is the only one that holds my hair in place, ALL NIGHT! It's also good for teasing your hair because it makes it really big and gives you volume. It's a little bit sticky but i guess if you really want your hair to hold in place you have to live with that. And when you brush it a little bit out it's not that bad anymore.

So if you have straight thin hair you should really go for it but if your hair is already a little bit curly and thicker I would recommend a lighter hair spray.

I bought the viva glam gaga 2 lipstick and for me this lipstick is a little bit too nude for me and it makes me look sick, so I didn't like it at first. But then I tried it with different lip glasses and I really started loving it. I also tried it with the lip glass that matches it (viva glam gaga 2 lip glass) but I never wear them together. But what really became my favorite lip combination is this lipstick with MACs "Posh it up" lip glass. I swear it looks gorgeous. This lip glass gives it the perfect hint of color that I need. It still looks nude but not as nude as the lipstick alone.

So definitely check that out.

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