Beauty Product Reviews

A great product for the brows

A great brow pencil with the perfect texture to achieve a subtle realistic hair finish to the brow.It truly is universal, anyone can use this with no problem you have control of the amount of product you want to apply to achieve any finish you desire.

Where has this Product been my whole Life!

Where has this been my whole life!? Thank You IT COSMETIC'S. It's so unique,tiny thin wand that packs a punch to achieved a beautiful tightline and natural lashes that separates with ease and get's every bit of lash hair.The perfect Lash product that needs to be on everyone's must have list. Usually I'm not always a mascara girl for myself since most mascaras make my eye's watery but to my surprise this little master piece didn't give me the water works, that was indeed a huge plus for me and the fact that when I tightline no stinging or irritation occurs.This product stay's in place all day Oh and let me tell you how divine this is for bottom lashes my goodness if your not the kind of person that applies mascara on your bottom lashes well let me say, this would be the product that will change that for you it's BEAUTIFUL glam central lash finish that seem to give me a new appreciation for my bottom lashes that I have been neglecting.This is truly a wonderful product beyond what I expected.

Bioderma is a dream come true!

I love this stuff! I had lit glitter on my lids and decided to put bioderma to the test and it passed with flying colors it took the glitter off with ease I didn't have a bunch of glitter spread all over my lids it straight away took it off I was highly impressed especially wiping away all my gel liner with no fuss. It was so easy you lightly wipe and it's gone.It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and clean I think this should be in everyone's vanity you won't be disappointed;You would be doing your skin a favor It's that good.

makes my little lashes look fabulous I love this mascara and the wand is wonderful it's small but grabs every lash on point and the tube reminds me of the old school metal mascara tubes which is a nice bonus.

Once thou have tried this sculpting powder you will ask yourself why did I make it do difficult for myself searching one product after another when the king of sculpted faces had the product all along.This is all you need nothing more nothing less this powder works with all because you have control with the amount you choose to apply it's not difficult when it comes to sculpting you just need to find the real deal and this is it, you can't compare to anything else out there so why give yourself the headache.I highly recommend to no end it's gold in my kit :-)

This is a brush masterpiece a must on so many levels.A magic wand for contouring with ease and effortless application,this brush works as a team with the Kevyn sculpting powder you can't go wrong.:-)

Wicked Fast Indeed! This is one of the fastest drying top coats I've tried.I applied it to my nails then reached up to grab a glass then BAM! it was dry that quick.I'm very impressed big time.I like that it protects and last forever and just leave such a nice shiny finish to the nails.

Now this color Just Blew me away! Bronze is Gorgeous!!! I was completely surprised how vibrant the color was just amazing especially when used with a mint color.The Lasting of this eye shadow really impressed me Wow! I'm addicted enough said.

It gives you that Old Hollywood glamorous vibe,just simply a smooth yet lasting power of pure elegance to a Beautiful finish.I highly recommend for anyone to try them out.You won't be disappointed.

Absolutely Beautiful finish.Extremely smooth and stays in place I like to say they're just sensual pretty lip colors with a kick of sexy.I think this is the best pink nude color I've tried in a long time.

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