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Wicked Fast

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Alma M. Moderator

Wicked Fast Indeed! This is one of the fastest drying top coats I've tried.I applied it to my nails then reached up to grab a glass then BAM! it was dry that quick.I'm very impressed big time.I like that it protects and last forever and just leave such a nice shiny finish to the nails.

Esther H.
Best top coat EVER.

I own a lot of nail polish, but I rarely wore any because I don't have the time to sit around waiting for it to dry. This is the first top coat I've used that is truly quick drying. Other top coats like the Nails Inc Kensington and Seche Vite only dried the very top layer of my nail polish, but it was still subject to nicks and dents. This top coat dries completely in about 5 minutes (rock hard), is super shiny, and the lasting power is great. Highly recommended!

Christina L.
Love that wet look!

This is my go-to top coat. My absolute favorite thing about it is how shiny and glossy it makes my manicure. I've also found (after being super paranoid about my matte neon green nail polish chipping) that if you put about two or three thick coats of this on, nothing will chip ever - even after 10 days (which is when I got bored of the color and took it off XD).

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Ann P.
Best top coat I've ever used!

I've tried numerous top coats and until I tried this one, I never believed a top coat could extend the life of my manicure. This one does! It's lightning fast, as it says, but I'm even more impressed that it makes my polish last for days without chipping.

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Bec S.
Super fast!

I love the Wicked Fast top coat! It is true to its name and dries wicked fast! Plus it is 4 free so I feel like its safer to use than standard polish. Its helped me be more on top of my nail polish routine because I know that I can do them and they'll dry pretty quickly so I won't mess them up. It's also super shiny and does a good job of keeping the polish from chipping.

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