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Creamy Lips


Alma M. Moderator
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It gives you that Old Hollywood glamorous vibe,just simply a smooth yet lasting power of pure elegance to a Beautiful finish.I highly recommend for anyone to try them out.You won't be disappointed.

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Daisy B.

I love this color, it's dark, but not too dark. It is really creamy and not drying at all. You only need a little bit of product to covers your lips, so I know it will last me a bit! So happy with this product.

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Sana S.

Recently I have been crazy for lipsticks as I was totally a lip gloss lover but recently why and how I have no idea my love for lipsticks started going stronger and I tried to get lipsticks who has good staying power as well as have wide range of color selection. So today's post is going to be about Ellis Faas . Do you know the lady behind the brand is cited as the 'Most Influential Makeup Artist' of her time by Vogue Paris , is not it sounds amazing ?

About Creamy Lips :

For classic lipstick definition and longwearing coverage, use soft and velvety Creamy Lips. Apply Creamy Lips with the spongy applicator first by painting the lips with just a small amount of lipstick, then fully load the applicator to fill inside of the lips. Versatile Creamy Lips is also great for a more stained effect -- just load a tiny bit of the lipstick onto the applicator, apply and blot for a matte stain.

My Verdict :

I have always been crazy about lip glosses and lip balms but few months back I don't know how my love for lipsticks started to grow and I started my hunt for good lipsticks with good staying power whilst searching some good brands I came across with Ellis Faas I got really impressed and let me tell you I am really so picky and choosy and its really so hard to impress me and as soon as I started browsing their products I genuinely fell in love . I have always been crazy for lipglosses and now for lipsticks and I am getting crazy for lip colors shades which would different from the shade that we usually can get easily and this time I was searching except nudes as I am a huge nude lipstick/lip gloss lover and always ended up getting a nude lip gloss and when I started to get lipsticks same goes for that as well but now I want to get some bright yet fun shades which we usually aint wear in our daily life yet still looks beautiful on lips and compliment skin tones so well and let me tell you if I am saying un-usual and different colors by this I really don't mean odd or dirty colors.

As I told above as soon as I started browsing the site I fell in love completely, the products seems so promising and the thing which attracts my mind is their packaging . Ellis Faas all products comes in stylish sleek sliver pen which looks incredibly beautiful . The product is taken out by twisting the pen and after fewer clicks you can get the product which is very handy to use and you can see the shade number at the bottom .

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Karlynn A.
The Perfect Rich Red

This is exactly the red I was looking for. It's a very glamorous "Hollywood" red. It leaves a nice stain and is not drying like many other staining lipsticks or glosses. It is a bit pricey for a lipstick, but a tiny little bit goes a very long way. Similar to the amount you use with OCC's Lip Tar (a sesame seed size) it just keeps spreading and spreading. Do NOT saturate the sponge applicator before applying the first time. Rotate the product upwards until you see just a tiny bit on the sponge. This will give you at least 2 full-coverage applications.

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Celeste D.
Great but the price is crazy.

This is a great product. I love the way it goes smoothly on my lips and I love the color. Although I got this for free, the price is crazy. More than $30?! I'm a broke girl! The lipstick is awesome but the price isn't 😣