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Absolutely necessary if you use CoverFx

When I first bought CoverFx I was so displeased to see my powder foundation got cakey and miserable as the day progressed. Come to find out, you absolutely need to use the setting powder. Like HAVE TO or your foundation will not stay put. While that does not reflect all that well on the foundation itself, I do love the entire line still because it has truly helped my skin out a bunch as it recovers from using MAC foundation (so sad because I LOVED their foundation coverage and lasting time). The finishing powder looks beautiful and makes the skin look nearly flawless on top of the powder foundation I use. I love it.

Definitely my new favorite primer!

I have an oily t-zone and acne prone skin. I have used many primers before and the only thing that comes close to this is the Smashbox one. This is my new favorite primer for the kind of skin I have. It goes on and makes my skin feel so amazing and soft. And it definitely does its job! My skin hasn't reacted adversely to it at all and I believe, in the short amount of time I have been using it, it is REALLY helping my skin out as it recovers from using MAC foundation.

Surprisingly Amazing!

Well, for one thing, the color I have isn't listed in the options. I have the color Siren which just came out. I was surprised how much I really love this lipstick. It is a beautiful matte finish without flaking and drying throughout the day - it has a light and comfortable feel in my lips. Definitely one of my new favorites and surprisingly awesome for the price you pay. The color is a dark red/plum mix that is absolutely beautiful. It looks really dark but it definitely has color.

One of few dry shampoos this professional will use.

I have vibrantly colored dark violet hair and washing it is really the last thing I want to do because the color will fade and FAST. After trying multiple aerosol dry shampoos and deciding I hated them, I found this at my local SalonCentric and loved it. The only things I hate? The smell and the buildup of product. A little goes a long way with this product. You don't need a lot to get you through the time you go without washing. I put this on once when my scalp starts to get oily and brush it through with a boar bristle brush and I am ready to go for a couple more days. If you put too much in your hair it will definitely cause buildup on the scalp. The smell of it is not really the best, but I just combat it with my dry conditioner I use. Overall, though, I like that the price isn't too bad and that it keeps my hair clean without having to wash my color out.

I don't always use eyeliner, but when I do...

I was pleasantly surprised with this eyeliner. Stays good. Feels good. Dries fast. I love it! I was going to buy the Stila eyeliner but I got this one instead. Not a bad decision at all. It doesn't dry out quickly or anything. I don't have a complaint :)

Saved my skin!

I know this is going to sound like the stereotypical "I have acne and have tried everything" speech, but seriously though - I HAVE. Cetaphil, Noxema, Proactiv, Clean and Clear, Mario Badescu, Clarisonic, etc. etc. I stumbled upon this stuff at my local CVS and decided to give it a go. I was a little apprehensive about it since I had found it at CVS and that the price was seriously a bit steeper than the other brands I have been using since my first pimple made its way onto my face BUT after googling several reviews on my phone while I stood in the aisle, I bought it. BEST BUY EVER. Also BEST DISCOVERY EVER. I have this crazy combination oily acne and sometimes cystic acne prone dry skin that I slowly but surely figured out hates most everything I put on it. Thankfully, this sensitive skin formula is PH balanced specially for the skin and totally helps balance out my face and keep it healthy. I also love the smell and that it doesn't have any harsh acne killing ingredients that would make my skin angry. I have noticed that while it doesn't really fully prevent the breakouts I have, it definitely calms the redness and inflammation down considerably and helps it heal up a bit faster. I am not asking for a miracle worker through this cleanser but it definitely helps me out with my current issues. I am sure I will try more by this brand despite the steep cost just because it really helps with my skin issues mores than any other brand I have ever used.

I think I finally found The One.

I have been on the endless search for a wonderful foundation and I think I found it. I do not use a lot of MAC products at all, but this has changed my perception completely and my neutral opinion of them and from here on out I think I am definitely a fan. I find that foundation is difficult to get right since I am a sort of neutral fair, therefore, most foundations make me look way too pink or way too yellow. The struggle is real and it ended here with this foundation. I prefer loose foundation on my combination oily dry skin. This foundation stays on throughout my oily days - while, sadly it does not help with oil it doesn't move when I do get oily. Also, what else I liked about it is that it doesn't accentuate my dry spots on my skin. It just grazes over them with a good finish and coverage that makes the dry spots nearly impossible to see. I was SO happy. Like I said, you definitely want a primer with foundation but it is definitely awesome as far as coverage, the color, and resilience.

This lipstick's connoisseur's fave

Let me start off by saying I LOVE lipstick. It is my essential makeup to wear every single day. I have tried SO many lipsticks for years now and the day I found this was an amazing one. This is my absolute favorite lipstick of all time. It is extremely matte and very pigmented. It lasts through anything and everything. I work as a hairstylist with little time to reapply lipstick throughout the day and I have never had this lipstick let me down. The absolutely only downside is that it will dry your lips out a little bit if you wear it frequently like I do, but you just have to apply some chapstick before or after and you're good to go.

A lipstick lover's friend.

I wear a ton of matte lipsticks so my lips tend to get dry and flaky from time to time - especially when it is cold outside. If I am not wearing lipstick I am after a good lip balm to have on all day. I like this one a lot. I have yet to find a "scent" or "flavor" that smells bad. I also adore the cute little packaging. I find this lip balm wonderful and buy it almost always.

Only mascara I will use.

This is the best mascara I have ever used. I have tried the other brands and kinds that are supposed to be great, but they always got clumpy and didn't last all day. This mascara literally lasts all day through pretty much anything. It absolutely will not go streaking down your face or all over the place. The only issue I have had with it is a funny one - it will make my eyelashes so long that it will give me little black eyelash streaks on the browbone area of my eyelid at some point during the day. That doesn't really bother me, though, considering it makes my eyelashes very long. The best way I have found to apply it is to put the first coat on and let that dry a little while I do the first coat on my other eye and when I get back to the first eye then I just build up my eyelashes. It works like a charm and I very rarely have clumps. I hate clumpy mascara and this one takes the cake for the best mascara ever. I doubt I will ever again use another mascara.

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