Mineralize Foundation/ Loose


Shelby A.
I think I finally found The One.

I have been on the endless search for a wonderful foundation and I think I found it. I do not use a lot of MAC products at all, but this has changed my perception completely and my neutral opinion of them and from here on out I think I am definitely a fan. I find that foundation is difficult to get right since I am a sort of neutral fair, therefore, most foundations make me look way too pink or way too yellow. The struggle is real and it ended here with this foundation. I prefer loose foundation on my combination oily dry skin. This foundation stays on throughout my oily days - while, sadly it does not help with oil it doesn't move when I do get oily. Also, what else I liked about it is that it doesn't accentuate my dry spots on my skin. It just grazes over them with a good finish and coverage that makes the dry spots nearly impossible to see. I was SO happy. Like I said, you definitely want a primer with foundation but it is definitely awesome as far as coverage, the color, and resilience.