Beauty Product Reviews

Best for foundation application

This is the best brush I've ever used to apply foundation. Sigma brushes are very good qaulity and this does not disappoint. It buffs foundation in so that it doesn't look like your wearing in. I find it work best if you use it in small circular motions or stipple. Very good!

Excellent under-eye concealer

This is the best concealer to use under the eyes. Blends easily but covers well at the same time. Get an NW shade so that it has a pink undertone to cancel out the purple and blue under your eyes. It brightens your complexion and compliments highlighting! Love it, staple under-eye concealer!

Very good setting powder

I have been using this powder for what feels like forever! I have been using it for a very long time and it is still domed. This is a very good setting powder and leaves a very nice finish to the skin, can sometimes look a bit cakey. Very worth it for how long the product lasts!

Holy Grail

This is the one thing I will NEVER change! I work in a care home where it can get v. hot, I do 8 hour shifts and my eyeshadow will look exactly the same when I finish work! I love the original shade as it is universal and can be used under any eyeshadow colour but Eden is especially good under a brown/taupe colour. Eyeshow does not crease, smuch and makes eyeshadow colours much more vivid. Would be very surprised if there were another eyeshadow primer that did a better job than UD primer potion!

LOVE the smell!

I absolutely love this shower gel! The only downfall is that it's not available year-round. One of the many reasons I'm looking forward to Xmas! It's pink, glittery and smells of sweets, so worth the price!