Beauty Product Reviews

Favorite Pressed Powder!

I generally prefer loose powder to set my foundations but when I need a boost of extra coverage this powder is excellent and while the finish is matte (which I like) it doesn't seem to dry out my already dry skin!


This is hands down the best lipstick I've ever bought from the drugstore, it goes on smoothly and keeps my lips nice and moisturized.... I have 4 shades and love them all! Just did an entire blog post dedicated to these beauties http://wearwhatyoulove247.blogspot....

Pleasantly Surprised

I read all the reviews here, and they are definitely very mixed... but as for me I am very happy with this product.

I have it in black, and contrary to some of the other reviews I think it's extremely black and I don't have to keep going over it. It lasts all day just where I put it and it is super smooth to apply. For 3 dollars, there is absolutely nothing to lose with this product - I will repurchase.

Exactly what I expected...

And what I expected was exquisite packaging (check), super soft moisturizing balm (check), and a natural pink color that buildable (check). If you're looking for just a little luxury, I'd totally give it a try!

new obsession

Nail polish has been my thing lately, since frankly - I only have one face.... BUT 10 fingers :) and Milani has proven itself surprisingly awesome. I definitely would say that this is completely worth the $5.50 you would spend.

Can't get enough!

I've never minded a fabulous 99cent bottle of nail polish.... but I must say I am now completely an Orly convert!!!! Orly blows OPI and Essie out of the water (and I happen to love me some essie)

Holy Grail for me!

I have never been a fan of powder, my skin is pretty dry for 95% of the year so I tend to look like I'm wearing a mask.... BUT my foundation does not last well if I don't set it... this powder is my solution.

When you look at it in the light (just like the foundation) there is a hint of finely milled shimmer, but I swear it doesn't show up on my face... I wouldn't wear it if it did!

This powder leaves me matte but not dry and caked looking... and it adds just a bit of extra coverage, so for the summer I have been loving it over a tinted moisturizer.

I highly recommend trying this powder... I actually just made my 3rd repurchase!

Absolutely Amazing!

This is the most fantastic cream shadow I've ever used... it's woth the money and it is totally worth the hype! I haven't used another primer/base since the day I got this! (I have RSVP-the perfect shimmery champagne)

Wouldn't say I loved it if I didn't!!!

I love this.... love it so much, I recently dedicated a whole blog post to it. I am someone who changes bronzers and blushes pretty much every day - but this I use all the time! Awesome value!

Simply amazing... holy grail!

I never thought I'd love another mascara as much as I"ve loved "clinique's lash doubling" and although the falsies is COMPLETELY different... it is equally amazing. I wear this stuff everyday, one coat is fabulous but 3 is amaaazing :) I couldn't reommend this enough! I've now re-purchased this several times.