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Beauty Product Reviews

Second Take

I have done a review on this product before, and that was when the hype got to me... now I have given this product a second try and this is what I think:


Super cute packaging Fun to look at Easy to find in your bag Smells amazing


It isn't practical if you where to just have it in your pocket Sometimes it just dries out your lips even more


I like EOS lip balm, they smell very good, cute to look at, sometimes they actually do moisturize your lips but not often. It just really depends on how chapped your lips are and how they react to it.


My mom works for Mary Kay and I'm glad she does because this is the best concealer I have ever used!!! The color is great, goes on very smooth and perfect, and I don't need to keep reapplying powder. Best concealer I will ever use and I so very much recommend it <3

I simply love this! It makes my lips feel so soft and smooth and I love using this during the winter it makes my lips feel less cracked and dry and more suttle and kissable! Three words: I-LOVE-THIS!!!

Not my favorite BB cream! I mean don't get me wrong I loved how it matched my skin tone perfectly and that is most likely the best part of the BB cream but other than that it just went on my skin so horribly and the first time I wore it I did not enjoy it. I had to keep reappyling powder because it would not set and it was an ugh experience. Have to say it was the best thing and I hate having to give bad reviews!

I just simply loved this!!! It made my lashes look like I was wearing false lashes which I love <3 I really would invested in one of these! And it was reasonably priced which is the best part!!!

This product is really amazing! The only reason why I did not give this product 5 stars is because Baby Lips? can come off really easily, and I don't always want to be checking to make sure I still have it on, but other than that, Baby Lips? is a great product to invested in!

I love this product! I have 3 of the EOS lip balm and I want to continue my collection!!! They leave you lips feeling so smooth and silky : P The lip balm is also very reasonably priced and it is so worth it! I would definitely invested in an EOS lip balm. You won't be disappointed.