Beauty Product Reviews

This one's a winner! You get three products in one awesome package which is perfect for travel. The top portion has two products: Secret Camouflage for covering imperfections such as acne, has a tacky, dry texture which is good because this means that you'll get long-lasting coverage. Secret Concealer has a lighter texture and is blendable. For both, you don't need a lot.

The bottom part contains the Loose Setting Powder. It comes with a sifter so application isn't messy at all. The powder itself is translucent. I use it not just to set the concealer but for my entire face as well. It's finely milled and feels soft on the skin.

Lovely color but the quality is MEH.

Almost all the Plushglasses from this collection were nice but the specific reason I chose Butterfly Dream was that the color was unique, I've never seen anything like it. For the rest , I'm pretty sure there are dupes out there or something close.

I've never used Plushglass before, didn't bother doing research either. I just saw this color, swatched it and boom! I found myself mysteriously transported in front of the cashier with this product in hand. What I didn't know was that this is a plumping product. *groan* I hate plumpers... they feel weird.

Butterfly Dream is just soooo pretty! On the tube and when swatched on my arm, it has a lilac tinge. When its on my lip, it looks pinkish. The product has blue and purple iridescent shimmer which I absolutely love. My lips look slightly plump with this but I think it's a visual trick from all the gloss and glitter.

It has a non-sticky and medium-weight formula with a light vanilla scent which I like, thankfully. Like most lip plumping products, this feels tingly when applied. I'm not a fan, but this one isn't extremely irritating either.

I can wear it on its own but I also like how this gives plain lipstick more character.

What I absolutely cannot stand (and I've had this experience with most, not all, MAC lip products) is that it makes my lips so dry that when I remove this or it wears off, my lips peel. Every single time. Even if I put something underneath, it doesn't help. It's painful and I don't know why I put up with it. Okay, I do know why... I'm a sucker for pretty colors.

I hope MAC improves the product of their lip formula. Either it's drying or it fades too quickly. Seriously, I haven't had luck with their lip products. I would probably never purchase a Plushglass again unless they do something about this. I suppose this is okay for quick photo shoots where you can wipe off the product in about an hour. But for extended or everyday use, I would steer clear of Plushglass.

Its marketed as a multipurpose product but I found that this doesn't work well on the lips - it's too drying. On the eyes, it creases immediately so a really good primer is a must. it's lovely as a cream blush but it doesn't stay for very long. It's too bad that the quality isn't great because the color is really pretty. NARS should work on the formula of this product.

I used Celebrate which is nice as a base color but a primer is still required otherwise it will crease. The color is cute but it just doesn't stay long and creases within minutes.

Pink Truffle is a dark pink color, a little too strong & dark so you'll need just a little. The color payoff is excellent. As a blush, it stays on for a fair amount of time provided it's set properly. With other cream blushes, you'll need to build up color. In this case, you actually need to be careful that you don't put too much on the first go. As a lip color, I find this to be creamy and it doesn't dry up the skin as fast as the others. There's also a lot of product in the pot so this will definitely last a long time and is worth every cent.

Ashes to Ashes is a shimmery taupe color that goes on sheer and feels super silky on the skin when applied. It's great for a daytime smokey eye. The shadow is very pigmented and the texture is creamy, not powdery. Very blendable.

Packaging fiends will certainly love this one. All you need to do is slide down the square button and the lipstick slides up. The cap itself is sturdy but it took some getting used to. It felt creamy upon application but after about ten minutes, I noticed that the texture changed. It felt very light and slightly drier than when I initially applied it. But not dry to the point that my lips would flake. It had a subtle powdery-floral scent when I applied which completely vanished within a few minutes. After drinking, there was no need to re-apply as I still had a pretty good amount of color left on my lips.

The formula is thicker than usual but not sticky and stay longer on the lips compared to other glosses. I like that this has no flavor. It was more pigmented than I expected and the shimmer was a lovely accent unlike some brands that make you look like a disco ball. Love!

I've been using Emotive and it's my favorite red lipstick to date. There's no need to put a lip balm or conditioner because the formula is ultra moisturizing and goes on smooth like a dream. My lips did not dry out and the color lasted the whole day (and night) - I only had to reapply after eating or drinking.

Love the color of Hibiscus... it's the perfect coral red to use on a bright, sunny day! I hoped it would last longer but after 3 hours, I had to reapply.

Bust Out! and Naturally Eccentric tend to look uneven if you apply it like regular lipstick so a light layer is all you need. Tends to accentuate flaky lips (yikes!) so you'll need to use a lip scrub beforehand. Otherwise the colors are lovely.