Rouge Automatique

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Melissa F.

I purchased this product in #125 Vega after reading so many great reviews about this products. I'm always looking for a great, pigmented red that is long lasting without being too drying. I love how I can apply this product without a liner and it looks very put together. The formula is incredibly moisturizing and creamy without diluting the color. A lot of brands fail at doing what Guerlain does so well. I am a huge fan of the packaging because, aside from being just being visually appealing, it helps to apply it one handed. You don't have to pull the top off and worry about accidentally scrapping off the product, which I've done more times than I'd like to admit. I plan on purchasing more because I am in love with this formula.

Kookie S.

Packaging fiends will certainly love this one. All you need to do is slide down the square button and the lipstick slides up. The cap itself is sturdy but it took some getting used to. It felt creamy upon application but after about ten minutes, I noticed that the texture changed. It felt very light and slightly drier than when I initially applied it. But not dry to the point that my lips would flake. It had a subtle powdery-floral scent when I applied which completely vanished within a few minutes. After drinking, there was no need to re-apply as I still had a pretty good amount of color left on my lips.

Marie-Claire M.
Pure luxury!

This lipstick is amazing. I have tried almost every color and they are all soooo good. Great pigmentation, über hydrating, and really long lasting. The design of the instrument is stunning too. It has a beautiful weight to it which makes it seem as though you are holding a gem. Highly recommended!

Naomi D.
Naomi D.'s Review Image

I have the Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Guet Apens (#167), which is a shimmery beautiful berry color. I love this lipstick mainly because of the tubing. It's so easy to apply and goes on creamy but still has sort of a matte finish. It's long-lasting but it isn't drying, which is a BIG plus for me! It also smells really good :) The only con is that since Guerlain can't make the tube SUPER long, the way it's designed takes away the amount of lipstick that can be in the tube. It's not as much as there is in a twist up tube.

Jessica B.
Not natural feeling

I have this in Bal de Mai (160), a pearly rose color. It definitely has a creamy texture when first applied, then dries to a matte finish. Even though it's not drying, it doesn't quite feel natural. I'm probably just being picky, but I don't like actively noticing how my make up feels on my face. I love that the formula stays on after a meal and the glamorous packaging, though. It's not advertised as a natural product anyway, so I'm not sure what I was expecting. But the color is really pretty, not overpowering.