Beauty Product Reviews

I hated it ..AT FIRST. But after buying 4 of the colors (Stockholm, London, Addis Ababa & Antwerp) I couldn't stand to have potentially wasted money. So I gave it another go. Exfoliated really well . Wiped off any traces of gloss( that was my error last time) .And I really like them now . My fave is Addis Ababa such a gorgeous ,shocking hot-pink!

I haven't bought a kohl or pencil liner since. Been using this product in blackest black along with charcoal, for almost a year now. I love the formula and how smoothly it applies. Its my everyday go-to liner ;D

By far the best I've ever purchased! Love the creamy rich formula. And it's the first body wash that I've used that does send my dry skin condition (...eczema eww) into a rage. It's a keeper!