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I personally love these palettes! The pigmentation is amazing, and the price isn't bad either. I had heard mixed reviews about them, so I was a little skeptical about purchasing.. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is an amazing product, and will definitely re-purchase :)

Great Quality

I personally Love these little palettes! Considering how cheap they were, I was a little skeptical, because I thought the quality was going to be cheap as well.. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that that wasn't the case. They are highly pigmented and apply really smoothly :) Overall I would purchase these again, and you definitely can't beat the price!

Next to MAC's Black Track Fluid Line this is my favorite gel liner! It glides on very smoothly, and well pigmented. I don't use the brush that comes with it, I prefer an artist brush. And for the price, I think it's well worth it.

Great Formula!

I Love this mascara!! I was a little thrown off at first, because it's one of those formulas that starts off kind of wet. However, once I started using it more and more, the formula turned into a thicker consistency, and it worked wonders for my lashes.... I definitely recommend this to anyone :)

My Go-To eyeliner

I've used this for as long as I can remember, and I can't seem to stay away. I've tried other products, but I just keep coming back to this one. It allows complete control, and the pigmentation is amazing!

This product has been around for as long as I remember. I actually use this in place of shaving cream, because my skin is so sensitive. And it's great, because you don't have to moisturize afterward :) Not to mention if you use it in the summer time, it keeps the bug bites away!!

The BEST primer

It was hard for me to justify the price of this small tube, but I thought I'd give it a shot, because I've heard such great things about it! That was over a year ago, and I still have product left! A little goes a long way with this primer, and it was awesome at keeping my shadows in place! I really love this product!

Great alternative to St.Germain

I have been wanting to purchase St.Germain forever, because I've heard so many people rave about it. And when I saw swatches, I HAD to get my hands on it :) Unfortunately, when I tried it on my own lips it was WAY too pigmented and too light for my skin tone. But then I eyeballed Snob, and it was PERFECT. Almost exactly the same, just a better option for my darker complexion.

Great everyday lashes

I absolutely LOVE these lashes! When I first applied them, I wasn't too thrilled, because I look for real thickness in lashes. Then I applied some coats of mascara and WOW!! They turned out perfect! I use them almost everyday, and have backups like crazy. I def recommend these to anyone looking for gorgeous lashes :)

A MUST have!

Ladies, If u do not have this in your collection, you need to get on it! I use this palette every single day, it never fails. By far the BEST neutral colors I've ever worked with, or own. I suggest backups, because it is something u will use time and time again. Pretty amazing product :)

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