Beauty Product Reviews

Love Essie! Color - "Topless & Barefoot"

I have been looking for this color since the spring collection was announced. I had a very, very hard time finding this. Walgreens didn't carry the color (even though it carried and showed the rest of the collection), and other stores didn't as well, including Target. I had gone to Ulta several times to try to get it, and it was sold out. Today I went and finally got it! It's a very opaque nude, it took three coats to look perfect. But it went on very smoothly and I love it. It's a very nude nude, but it looks like it has a tiny bit of pink in it. I'm a huge fan of Essie polishes, especially the formula, and this one is definitely on my go-to list for sure, along with Chinchilly :)

LOVE Essie! Love love love LOVE this color!

Chinchilly hands down is my favorite nail polish ever. I use it more than any other polish in my possession. It's a classy taupe/grey color, and it's great for being professional and also looks very sophisticated. I would say if you're looking for an Essie polish, to make that one of the first ones you pick up!

Fantastic for dry to normal skin!

I recently bought this foundation after deciding I wanted something different than the MAC Studio Sculpt. I went to the counter and a great makeup artist from Dior helped me match the tone, put it on me (along with some eyeshadow). I was impressed. It felt really smooth, matched my skin VERY well, and made my skin look really even. I didn't even wear any concealer with it and I felt really confident. I bought it and wore it for the rest of the day.

The price? Steep for a foundation. I bought it for $46 US, but honestly I will buy it again. That's the only reason why I docked a point. I find it really easy to apply with my MAC 190 brush, and it stays all day. I use a primer before I put it on and I'm ready to go for the rest of the day. My face doesn't feel dry and it doesn't cake up on me at all.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone who had dry to normal skin!

Love this! First time user!

I just received this in the mail with my Birchbox. I decided tonight to use it for the first time. I love it so far! I kept it on for around ten minutes, and I personally didn't feel much tingling at all and my face didn't get that red.. I have pretty tough skin I think :) But after I rinsed it off, my face felt really smooth and still now feels radiant. I am definitely looking forward to using up the sample I got, and more than likely I will invest in the full size product. I will post again when I'm done my sample to note if there's any additional effect :)

Love this product, and they CHANGED the packaging

I've used this primer potion for a while now, and it's really one of my holy grail products. It really helps make eyeshadows brighter and stay longer, and prevents creasing. However, I'm seeing a lot of recent reviews stating that the packaging is bad. It's true, it was. But they now have the regular product available in tubes at Sephora. It also says it's limited, but whether that or last or not we'll see.

Liked it, but needs more moisturizing and product!

Bought this a while ago for myself in the tone Nude. Product when it came had a large amount of air in the bottle. Could be more moisturizing, probably need a regular moisturizer along with it but it did have a nice tint and it looks good. I wish they sold it in a bigger size but for the price you can stand to buy a few of them, they're only $3.