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All of the colors are stunning and have great color payoff! They are a dream to work with and they are reasonably priced. Beware of Neptune and Fuji though, horrible shades. Other than that, these are perfection!


I use this every time I want to place a loose shadow on my lids or apply glitter. It works perfectly and comes off so easy with just a bit of water. I really love it, and will defiantly be repurchasing.

Only downfall, I don't really like the doe foot applicator, but that's just me being picky :p

Great Deal

This glitters are super pretty and affordable. You can buy about a teaspoon of each shade for about $20.00 USD. 17 Glitters for 20 bucks. And trust be a teaspoon is A LOT. I am pretty sure I will never run out!

Only downfall is it's a bit messy


Soaks right up into the skin without leaving a greasy film on the skin and it smells Ah-Maz-Ing!! :D I have the mini one and it fits perfectly in my purse. One of the best lotions on the market!!

Love the Shimmer shade!

I really like this pencil, and am eternally grateful that they sell the matte and shimmer shades separately xD. I really don't have any use for the matte shades, they are to dark to be considered a highlight in my opinion. I love using Sand on those "no makeup" days, which is quite often lately. It has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

These are really good if you have never plucked or groomed your brows before, because it has an exact guide and the stencils are reusable. I am probably going to find the most use in this on other clients, specifically ones who don't groom their brows. It's very helpful that they come in so many different shapes, something for everyone :)

Great Color Range!

These are perfect! They have a huge color range so everybody is bound to find something. They are long lasting and very pigmented. The lighter shade is used to fill in the front of the brow and the darker shade is used to fill in the back. Both shades blend together flawlessly to create a multi-dimensional brow.

Too sharp!

This is much better than the Revlon tweezers I was using before. They really are made of stainless steal, you can just tell they are very sturdy and they will last me a long long time. The only thing that really peeves me about these tweezers is, they are so sharp, that if I am not extra careful it will puncture my skin and I will bleed slightly. That alone is enough for me not to really like them. I do use them every other day, because they are better than my old ones, but they are just a little too sharp.

Doesn't last

it kind of lacks. It feels really greasy on the brows, granted the feeling dissipates, but it is rather unpleasant. It makes your brows shiny, as if they were wet. At first it holds the brows in place, but after a little time, my brows started to stray, which was really frustrating. And it feathered out the brow product I had in my brows, so there was brown outside of my brow line, which is not a pretty look.

So natural looking!

I friggin love this pencil! The color is absolute perfection for natural brows. As you can see from the photo's above, it really enhances my brows and makes them a little fuller without overpowering them. The ultra fine tip is perfect for drawing in the individual hairs where needed. And I love that it has the spooley on the other end. Honestly the spoolies that come with the Anastasia products are the best spoolies ever!

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