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Best Glitters!

I have the Silver one and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is slightly difficult to work with the first time you apply it but once you figure out how it works its wonderful. Instead of swiping it on the normal polish, you kinda have to dab it on in layers(2-3) and when it is dry but still a little wet, lightly press down on it with your finger to flatten any bumps, then apply your topcoat. It is such a gorgeous shade and I get compliments every single time I wear it. Its the most unique polish I own :D

Okay so when you first put it on(you only need a small amount for each part of your face i.e. forehead & cheeks) it feels very velvety and luxirous. I love the feeling, makes your skin feel super soft and it evens out skin tone slightly, so if you already have really good skin you might be able to just use this and skip foundation complety. It has a light skin tone color at first but when you blend it into the skin that dissipates.

I didn't notice too much of a difference in the way my foundation appeared on the skin compared to without the primer but it did make my foundation last MUCH longer! At least another 2-3 hours of wear time compared to without a primer.


The green palette is my favorite out of the three that I tryed. Each color is HIGHLY pigmented and gorgeous!! I do think they are a little over priced though. Ten bucks for five shadows, especially drugstore shadows is a little steep. And the pan isn't very big, and the shape of them makes it a little difficult to get the shadow out, but I am being nit picky.

If I were you I would buy the green and blue one and pass on the purple.

Great colors!

These claim to be fast drying, which they are not but thats not a big deal for me. I have two colors: Buffy the violet slayer and Teal of fortune. I love them both! Buffy The Violet Slayer is my favorite, it's the best purple I own! And Teal of Fortune is a dupe for Orly's Haley's Comet(I beleive) which was a limited editon color, so bonus! Love these polishes, I really want to get the gold one as well!

Great for everyday use!

I love how this one has smaller beads than the apricot scrub(which I love!) because now I have a scrub I can use everyday. The only thing I didn't like about the apricot scrub was by the time I could use it again without is scratching my skin(about three days) my face had gotten super rough. So I love using this everyday - I got it because of a review done my Ronnie at Bows and Curtseys...Mad About Makeup(Love her blog check it out!) and I am completly happy I did! I will still use the apricot scrub twice a week though. Great product! Oh and I have noticed a signifigant reduction of redness from my acne, and I've only used it once!

Ronnie's Blog:

I really like this product, I have been wanting it forever after hearing rave reviews from every blogger out there, haha. I got Summer Fruit - I don't really like the smell of it, or the taste, but the taste isn't very strong so it dosnt bother me. It really does moisterize and soften lips. I have been using it only for two days but my lips havn't gotten chapped since using it. I love the packaging, its super cute, the twist seal is very smooth and it is very easy to find in my purse, and to fit in my purse.

Overall I really like this balm but I will still be using burts bees(I love the tingly feeling!) and my Carmex as well as EOS. I really want to try the mint and lemon drop one but my walmart was only selling summer fruit and the mellon one.

These are amazing!

I have three colors and love them all. I have Divine(a nice hot pinkey purple), Embrace(a deeper more purpley shade of divine) and Temptation( a gorgeous orange with shimmer). These are super pigmented, smooth, soft, and the darker shades stain, which I really like because that makes them last so much longer. AND they don't dry out your lips. How awesome is that??! LOVE

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