Beauty Product Reviews

Small Eyed Solution

I have fairly small eyes, but that comes with being partially Japanese. My lashes are average, not extremely long or thick, but also not thin and frail. 95% of mascara brushes are far too difficult to use, as most of them are the size of my actual eye. It was so frustrating to have to carefully weave in and around different parts of my eye in order to get a bit of mascara on my lashes. This mascara is the answer to my prayers. The brush is about double the size of the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, so it's super easy to evenly coat your lashes. Anyone who has small eyes needs to check this out as soon as possible! The formula is lovely, although not as volumizing as most other mascaras. However, it does give length, definition, and holds my curl really well. LOVE THIS MASCARA!

Use it on the DAILY!

I honestly think this is a much better product than the YSL Touch Eclat. This product conceals beautifully, and you get quite a bit of product. It doesn't have a sheen to it per se, so it differs from the YSL concealer, which is nice because it can be used for more than just under eyes. I place the concealer on a blemish, and then blend it in with a MAC 224 style brush, and it gives a flawless finish!

Favorite Mascara

Super lengthening, and defines like a dream. However, it lacks in the volume department if that's what you're looking for. Also, Cover Girl tests on animals, BOO. Just for that, the product only deserves a 3.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance... what's that??

EASILY a Too Faced Shadow Insurance dupe! Super creamy texture, blends smoothly, no funky scent, and has incredible staying powder. The only downside is, you get so little product and it isn't in a squeeze tube. But for only $1, the good outweighs the bad!

Everyday Staple

I use this to apply powder foundation, pressed powder, or any type of powder I'm using every single time I do my makeup! It does not shed, the hairs are beyond soft, and the price should be illegal, it's super inexpensive!