Beauty Product Reviews

Beach Look in Seconds :D

I was little bit hmm about this product because I really didn't expect what the outcome would be after I used the waver. I would view youtube videos thinking hmm you can't really see it on the video.

But after a lot of hmm and aww's I decided to try it out. Well it worked great when I used and as long as you don't touch the wave straight away it will stay in. (Like most heat setting techniques)

I found it best to use a heat setting spray like L'oreal Pli or Elnett: heat protected curl spray. Or a light spray of hairspray will do as well.

It's really easy to use but you need to be careful the client because it could get hot around the ears (I normally use a heat proof mat and get them to hold it).

It has 3 heat settings and it is very light to use.

I have attached a picture from the result of using it below.

Great for smoothing and moisture

This product I used a lot of when I was in OZ working as senior stylist at volona & associates.

I loved this range of redken because it catered to the audience which needed that kind soft smoothing touch to the hair with the protein technology which comes along with redken you can also give it a little boost to the hair shaft just a little though its not like its another brother from another mother Extreme which is the darker blue range.

For this product its great for all types of hair but fine hair it might weigh down so be careful... remember you do have to switch your shampoo because your hair gets used to the same one. If you feel you need more of a protein hit then go to extreme if you need both use the lovely purple range which is called real control.

if you need any more help deciding use message me I think I have tried the full range through from curl to smooth control which is semi straightening range they released over there.

Great Smell... nom nom

This product is great when you feel like your hair needs a little bit more of moisture kick to it. I use this on my hair because its quite coarse I normally use a lot of argon oils and this so far smells very nice and makes my wet hair when dry look smoother, manageble but also doesnt weigh it down.

It's great to use without a hairdryer and leaving your hair to dry naturally it will make it feel softer!

There should be two types for this oil a light version and the standard version I have used the heavier version since my hair isn't fine.

You can use this with your conditioner like all oils you put it in on your hair dry and then shampoo it and it locks the moisture because some shampoos can take too much moisture out of your hair! So if you keep it on when your hair is wet it will keep the moisture thats why when you dry vs. natural dry your hair feels different because the moisture has heat to it.

Yes a lot of treatments do need a kick of heat but this is not one of them your trying to protect the moisture not add protein which this product doesn't have.

Overall I give it a 4 because of the price you get it for £30 it most places. It does have a great smell though to it.

Miracle of Mythic

Mythis oil is lovely blend of grape seed and avacodo oil which gives it a heavenly smell, it also tons of benefits which help smooth, tame and protect the hair from harsh enviromental factors.

UV Protection Conditioning Serum Great styling aid and helps speeds up the blow drying process by locking the moisture in :D

Defo have this in my kit bag along side the Colour mythic oil that has fantastic smell... it has cranberry oil :D love this product... love l'oreal everything you need in a styling, conditioning serum.

You can also use it with your shampoo as a treatment, to help boost the nourishment in your hair.

Great on fine and course hair, use in small amounts to make sure you don't product build up and make your hair greasy