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I got this for my kid and she loves it cause she like to keep her make natural, the colors are gorgeous and last pretty much all day, I can't believe how inexpensive it was, works amazing.

good one

I really like this product...price...and the fAct that it does not flake. I got darkest. Color.... I needed a second mascara...that was easy on my lashes...this one is perfect for that.

Love Mega Plush... Maybelline out did themselves

I picked it up at Walmart for around $5.94... decides to try it because it had a different ingredient---gel-mousse formula, no hard wax... mainly because the mascara I was wearing just left me flaky at the end of the day. I"m attaching a photo, mind you I'm 44 yrs old...and no wrinkles, will post my secret soon!


Why I love this gloss, because is light, looks nice paired with lipstick or all by itself... I got the sweet tooth color(same color as the picture above), which is a light ballerina pink, great for anyone from teen to it taste/smells delish! I carried it with me all the time.

I wont buy again

Though I love some of Rimmel products, the gloss is not my favorite...gave it to my kid...cause I can deal with the strong smell/taste. It stayed in my throat for a while... yak... it is light and the color is nice, has a bit of shimmer to it...but it is definitively no my favorite.

Love it...

I got the Fail Lip Gloss as a gift from a contest I won here on Beautylish... The Mirror Underneath color, looks really red on the container, but when you put on by itself is gives you lips a nice soft red gloss, it's light... you will love it.

Light and fruity

I bought this for my kid, and we both just love it...what's not to love... she love it a lot, so she hides it from me... I guess I should buy my own...anyway!!! Is not a must buy, is a buy if you like kind of deal...

Great for the price

Listen, if you like color and need to save money, this is it... I'm a simple kind of girl, but when I get a hair up my b*tt, and want some color, this palette never it's stays all day...yep, it does...!

The old faithfull

Okay, this is the mother of mascara... really...I've been doing this for over 20 years...and when I get tired of everything else, I go back... is always there for damm is a good price and if cut coupons like I do, you can get some money off...I bet lancome won't do that...haheheh... okay, love you Lacome..!

It work wonders for me!!!

I was reading the comments below, and I simply did not have the same experience... I have lots of lashes, but when I apply this looks super awesome. I like that the brush is thin, cause it allows me to get in there... and really coat each lash... It made the lashes look longer and it last all day... without flaking... I may have gotten a really new one...cause it works fantastic...

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