Beauty Product Reviews

feel the burn! lol

I had really high hopes for this product after reading some reviews. that said this didn't live up to my expectations. it will plump your lips but only for about 10 minutes and all of the effects are diminished by the burning sensation that lasts and lasts. I do however have to give a shout out for the awesome pink/red color it turns your lips lol.

Amazing palette! great coverage!

after hearing some good things about these I finally got the chance to try them out and.... they are amazing! you need such a small amount of product for full coverage it's insane. the finish is lovely and I truly can't say enough good things about it. well worth the money and a must have for anyone who is a makeup artist.

Love them!!

Great quality for a great price! They are super soft and the synthetic fibers make cleaning and disinfecting fast and easy. I use these brushes every day and can't live without them.


Super pink! makes my skin look like I just ran 5 miles and am flushed in a bad way lol. doesn't do much for keeping makeup on either. skip it


Definitely not for oily skin! I gave this one a good shot using it multiple times in multiple ways and never had good results. maybe if you have extremely dry skin this might work for you. As for me and my clients I will stick to my go to too faced primer.

a must have !

a must have for any makeup lover professional or not! The colors are great on all skin tones. pigmentation is unbeatable! I have one on hand at all times :)


As a makeup artist this product is a God send! it will last all day and not budge or smudge. This works great with oily skin and problem areas. This is a must have for everyone professional or not. I honestly can't say enough good things about this product!

Does what it says

Well I can say that it does what it says . your lashes will look beautiful and lush with no effort required. However if you have a problem with really oily skin or lids this will start to give you the dreaded coon eyes by the end of the day.

love them

love them! They are so soft and smell delicious. The lemon even has spf in it! If you love good smelling (and tasting lol) lip balms eos is the way to go. I even have my husband using them now!


This is by far the best mask out there! Its absolutely fab for getting rid of minor skin imperfections. I have very sensitive skin and this didn't irritate my skin at all. I will say that you definitely need a nice face cream after using this as it will dry out your skin a bit. However after using this my face looked and felt like a million bucks!

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