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I dont need foundation can i use concealer and loose powder instead ??

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Aug 08, 2011

Kayla W.

People tell me i dont need foundation cause my skin is not that bad. But i was bad dark circles. So i was wondering can you on use concealer and loose powder and still look nice??

Aug 08, 2011

Alexis B.

Definitely! I have before and if you have nice skin, no need to hide it :) Your skin will thank you! I prefer a loose powder that has a little coverage and not my translucent one. The loose powder will help set the concealer in place and add a nice finish to your face.

Aug 08, 2011

Angela W.

The best powder I've ever used is Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup. It looks like you have a darker complexion which means you might be able to find a match on It's a discount beauty site where I first discovered how great the UD powder is... too bad they only have darker shades left (but great news for you!).

Makeup has no rules! Of course you can! Props to you if you could go without foundation, I definitely can't!
If you're 100% comfortable & feel pretty with just concealer & powder on, then more power to you bc not a lot of girls can. :)

P.S - I agree with Alexis - finding a loose powder with SOME pigment would work nicely. Especially since you don't need foundation. It just adds a nice finish to the skin :D

Aug 08, 2011

Joyce S.

Yes you may! I do that if I'm comfortable with my complexion(no zits or blemishes).

Aug 08, 2011

Kayla W.

Thanks all you guys for answering my questions. I have an idea of what im gonna do now :D

Aug 08, 2011

Korie S.

You can do whatever you want! Less makeup worn is better because it definitely saves money and time in the morning 

Aug 08, 2011

Brittany M.

I stopped using foundation 2 weeks ago and started only wearing concealer and powder and not only has my face cleared up alot but my boyfriend loves the look :D

I personally only use concealer and a face powder, If you don't need it, don't wear it. Your skin will be able to breathe better and it won't be so dependent on the product! Show off your gorgeous skin :)

Jan 15, 2016

Andrea H.

Yes! You can totally use concealer only for a more light natural makeup look

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