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Sep 04, 2011

Amanda L.

Thanks for following hun!

You mentioned wanting to know more about the CIDESCO here is their website: It is really cool you can do skin, nails and massage; but the downer is you can only use it internationally. Your state may not allow you to work as a nail tech and a massage therapist without a local license. Plus it is expensive unless you already have a skin, nails and massage license then the test is only $415. And you can work in the US and internationally. In the US we have NCEA certified and you may use that in Canada as well. Hope this helps you, Chow xoxo! By the way love your work.

Aug 31, 2011

Nadia B.

You and I have the exact same issue. First of all, this is not a bad thing. Makeup Artist love working on our eyes because they have so much area to play with. My first piece of advice is to make sure your brows are filled in and defined. If they are not they will just melt into your skin. Next, do not worry about having to have the entire eye area filled in. Tilt your head back and look in the mirror. You'll be able to see exactly where your crease is. Use a neutral shade from your lash line up to your crease. Then use a bullet brush in a medium shade and windshield wiper it back and forth into your crease creating depth. You can use a bit up a darker shade in the out corners of your eyes to create a > shape. This will help to create a little bit of drama. It is not important to apply a lighter shade under your brown bone unless you really want to. Creating a highlighter there will only make the space seem a wider. Another tip is to apply your mascara before you apply your eyeliner and let it dry. This will allow you to create a very thin eyeliner line at your lash line. On your bottom lashes do not apply a thick line if you decide to apply liner. I very rarely use black eyeliner on my lower lashes. Instead go for a brown or bronze liner. It'll act like a nude shade for you. 

Aug 16, 2011

Rachel M.

only 3 more days for my giveaway! if you havent entered, its super easy and the prizes include prizes include products from stila, urban decay and forever 21! 

Aug 09, 2011

Jacki C.

thanks so much for following love <3

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