Damaged Hair That Won't Grow

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Jan 30, 2012

Elizabeth O.

I'm starting to become beyond frustrated with what's going on with my hair. I have been trying to grow it out LONG (mid back or longer) ever since I was probably 16.

I am most definitely guilty of over-processing my hair over a period of time. But what girl doesn't go through that stage lol, but for the past two years or so, I've only dyed my hair maybe 3 times, and I've been really focusing on buying products that I know have helped others with their hair heath; argan oil, biosilk, hair masks, heat protectant spray, waaay better shampoo/conditioner then what I would normally buy, the list just goes on!!!!

Ladies, can you pleeeease steer me in the right direction, whether it be recommending a great shampoo/conditioner duo to use, how often I need to trim my hair, what leave-in products I should use, supplements?? Anything?? Life style changes that need to take place??? Lol I'm desperate! It's getting so frustrating to the point where I just want to cut it short and start beginning... but I know I'd never be able to bring myself to do such a thing lol.

Right now, I'm using Pantene Pro'V 'Beautiful Lengths' shampoo and conditioner along with their smoothing balm occasionally, the generic BioSilk you can get from Sally Beauty supply, Tresemmes heat protectant spray, and occasionally Argan oil. Obviously this isn't doing anything for me. :*(

I look forward to your guy's responses, thx so much!! 


Jan 30, 2012

Shelly T.

Typically you should get a trim every six weeks. Also, give your hair a break from the heat every so often. Don't use a blowdryer, don't heat style it. Just let it dry on its own. I've also heard pre-natal (?) Vitamin E can help with hair growth.

Jan 30, 2012

Rina N.

Hey liz I am currently trying to grow out my hair. Right now its above my chest for the length. I been taking biotin and I started with the 1000mcg. At first I just took one tablet a day because I didn't know how it will affect my skin. But Now I upgraded to 2 tablets a day. I've gone around 3 months without any type of heat. I been doing mask such as olive oil. I apply rose water to my roots before I go to sleep to help circulate the blood flow. I seen my hair slowly getting there but it takes time.

What I would recommend is maybe a deep moisturizing hair masks such as the macadamia oil. Possibly go to the salon and let them trim off all of your split ends so you can have a fresh start. See how Biotin works for you or another hair, skin, nails supplement. Try to avoid heat as much as possible. Use a comb while hair is wet. And last but not least tons and tons of water! I remember I had a little below shoulder length hair and when I was in cross country I was constantly drinking water and my hair grew extremely fast. So drink tons of water! I hope I helped just a bit! :)

Jan 30, 2012

Faye F.

ive put a post up on this. basically i had blonde hair for 5-6 years and was OBSESSED with bleaching it and bleaching it, never wanted to get it cut and used heat on it all the time, snapping off constantly, couldnt get a brush through my hair. i had to go darker which i didnt want to do but i love it so much more now and its a bit better dove do a ashonisting range called repair and i bought the shampoo, conditoner, quick treatment conditioner and a hair mask, my hairs a bit better now, allot better in fact. also i use a morocan oil/argan oil when its damp. also i use a leave in treatment from lanza in a red bottle thats good too.

Jan 30, 2012

Kayla N.

You need the following:
- Prenatal Vitamins
- You don't have to trim it because HONESTLY, trimming hair does NOT make it grow faster.
- Avoid heat styling all together, honestly there are plenty of ways to style your hair without using heat. They take more time but your hair will thank you for giving it the chance to heal (at least 6 months).
- Avoid washing it every day, every other day will work if your hair is oily if it isn't oily then you can afford to wait even longer do it.
- Aveda (it's an expensive salon brand but it WORKS and smells DIVINE plus it's natural) makes a damage remedy shampoo & conditioner that work amazingly. I would suggest using them for at least a month but if you can’t use Suave Professionals Moisurizing Shampoo it’s comparable to Aveda’s Dry Remedy shampoo and works just as well.
- Find a deep conditioning treatment safe to use twice a week like Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle.
- For more intense treatment use a product like Aveda's Dry Remedy mask or Macadamia Oil Mask once a week or once every two weeks.
- Do not brush your hair while wet (use a comb if you must).

Those are the steps I took after having my hair FALL out and chopping it off from bleach damage and this is it now in the photo.

It may take a few months but YOU WILL see results and feel them. My hair is so healthy now and I love touching it because it's insanely soft and it's growing really fast now that I've let it heal.

Feb 03, 2012

Nadjia H.

-trim 1/2" every 6-8 weeks
-use heat protectant before any hot tool
-only use leave in conditioner or mask like once a week( too much leave in can't try out the cuticle and cause more breakage)
-wash hair as littleness possible preferably with protein or moisturizing shampoo (aveda's smooth infusion, damage remedy or invati shampoo and conditioner)

Hopefully this helps.. Yes these are more high end products but I'm a cosmetologist and suggest these tips to many of my clients if not all

Feb 03, 2012

Nadjia H.

Can dry out*

Trimming is to help stem split ends travelling up the hair shaft, if your ends are fine you can ease back on the trimming.

If you feel heat is necessary, dial it down. For some reason many people think they need the highest settings which literally will fry your hair. Less is more.

Consider styles that keep your hair up or back, while keeping tension minimal. Particularly useful if it's cold and/or dry, the weather can wreak havoc on loose strands.

When you're brushing or combing your hair be gentle and work from the ends up. It's normal to shed hair, but if you find you need to clean out your brush often you may be doing more harm.

Feb 13, 2012

Devon R.

buy some really nice shampoo and conditioner, goldwell rich repair is great, aslo id recommend getting joico deep penetrating reconstructor, and use that once every 2 or so weeks, and lastly get a trim every 3 months , 

Feb 13, 2012

Lisa U.

I use Castor Oil :)
Info: http://www.kissandmakeup00.com/2011...

Feb 13, 2012

Anne S.

I have the same problem. I'm doing everything I can too. Eating more protein like eggs and red meat might help. Hair is made of protein. I'm also going to eat more avocados for the oil. It's a pain, but I'd rather have thick healthy short hair than unhealthy long. Just trying to be patient and diligent. It's hard. I know. Hang in there! My hair is naturally curly so when I don't blow dry it it looks like a clowns.LOL. I try to blow dry with less heat and I'm wearing pony tails a lot. Stay strong and positive. Cheers! :-)

Feb 14, 2012

Kim P.

@Rina haha running cross country would make your hair grow because you're drinking so much water and increasing blood flow to all over your body as well as your scalp
A tip I haven't seen up here yet- All those tips + exercise (it will release stress and make you feel better and increase blood flow) = healthy hair.
And @Kayla I think it's just safe to trim your hair unless you have oily hair and no split ends. Oily haired people are kind of lucky when you think about it- if they brush there hair when its oily they can distribute the oils and strengthen their hair that way. But a lot of people have easily breakable hair (me) and it is really important to trim their hair every so often so your hair really gets a fresh start and doesn't have to try to grow out around your split ends.

Feb 15, 2012

Elizabeth O.

Thanks for all the input loves!!! Such useful information! One of the changes I made and saw a significant improvement on was the shampoo switch I made. Believe it or not, Mane n' Tail shampoo/conditioner has worked some serious wonders, which I was surprised by!!! I highly recommend it. Still haven't gotten a trim though :x I'm going to start another conversation regarding the color I wanna dye my hair VERY soon and the steps I'm considering to do it. Hopefully you guys can help me with that too. <3 xoxo!

Feb 15, 2012

Anne S.

Awesome! I just discovered yesterday that MSM is good for hair and when I researched further found that PABA and Silica is good too. I'm going to start taking those supplements. I also found and interesting book called Eating For Beauty that I'm going to purchase. I love discovering and learning and sharing about new ways to improve my health. I love this website..it keeps me inspired! Love, Love, Love it.!
I think I'll try Main N' Tail as well. xo!

Feb 15, 2012

Fariha W.

i also lost my long good hair after dying again again and blow ,curl my hair every other day..

Oct 01, 2012

Danielle I.

Chi Silk infusion and bed head dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner are pretty magical 

Oct 01, 2012

Marissa G.

Use VO5 oil and cut of the dead ends of your hair and that hair that's damaged

Oct 01, 2012

Safaa M.

These are all ways to revive your hair. But if all else fails, you probably need to see your doctor and get your thyroid checked. If you have low thyroid levels your hair will remain dry with all the deep conditioning treatments in the world. 

You DO need to trim it regularly, because you will end up with stringy dead ends & end up having to cut 2-4 inches off in the end. Everything else I've read is on the money. Everyone's hair grows at different rates & just be patient with it. I got mine to grow this length in about 2 years by just being gentle with it! 

Oct 02, 2012

Ceci C.

While although trimming doesn't help hair grow. It keeps the spit ends from getting worse so i suggest getting a trim every 6-8 weeks bc if u dont your hair will keep splitting to the root and that's when it becomes a real problem. You should use a good moisturizer on your scalp every 3 days, and deep condition your hair every other time you wash it.

Nov 16, 2016

Karen M.

I regrew my hair and you can too. -I've been bleaching my hair on and off since forever. My hair wouldn't grow any longer it would just snap off. I've dreamed about having thick, long hair. And when I say dreamed, I mean it quite literally. So I decided to do something about it. My friend suggested Biotin when we were talking about my hair loss.
I’ve tried like 4 different brands until I found that the best one for me. Now I’m 26 and I've been taking Biotin every day for years. My hair and nails grow SO much quicker. Hair has increased in the rate and are so long now.
Also my energy levels are high. I remember that at the beginning I did heavy cardio and interval training which helped me lose weight fast but I did not realize how biotin played a part in my weight loss until AFTER I stopped working out. I continue to take biotin every day and now that I am no longer on my diet I eat whatever I want and I don't gain weight. It appears the biotin may be keeping my metabolism to the level it was at during my training. So I highly recommend it to you. For me the best is http://www.certifiedbiotin.com my friends also use this one.

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