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How to Get a Dewy Makeup Look?

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Jena O.

Jan 16, 2012

Jena O.

I want to give my skin a dewy look and Laura Mercier Secret Finish only seems to last a short time. Does anyone know of a similiar product thats lasts longer & DOES NOT contain silicone/dimethicone...

Jan 17, 2012

Soma S.

Try carrying a bottle of finishing spray with you. I like Avene's thermal water sprays, and you can order them cheap on amazon. Nice and handy to have... But doesn't help prolong wear as much as refresh your look and bring back some dewiness. If you want something that helps set for longer lasting makeup, try a setting spray like UD all-nighter or Skindanavia sprays. Find a long lasting foundation that works for you with these products! My MUFE HD foundation lasts well over 8 hours for me, and i have oily combo skin... Hope that helps!

Jan 17, 2012

Maria O.

I am not sure if this has any of the ingredients you don't want but I know that Urban Decay "DEW-Me" setting spray works wonderfully. Also, depending on your skin type you can use a very rich moisturizer such as Embryolisse prior to makeup application. I use NARS Sheer GLow foundation, leaves a glow.

Add a very small amount of liquid highlighter, or even your favourite highlighting pigment to your foundation for a very pretty, longer wearing glow.

I'm with Tamara...mix so liquid luminizer into your foundation for a glow. Something like smashbox luminizers and you"ll glow all day.

Jan 18, 2012

Yumi R.

MAC's Strobe cream is good to mix too! And I think Revlon makes an illuminator as well :)

Jena O.

Jan 18, 2012

Jena O.

thank you ladies=)

Illamasque satin primer will give you a great dewy look

Jan 19, 2012

Kim P.

I agree with all of them up there^^^
You know what's funny? I once read that to get the dewy look you could put make-up on and then boil water until there's a lot of steam and hold your face over it for a dewy look, or even take a bath with your make up on... very, very, very bad advice...

Jan 19, 2012

Raven N.

I just got the Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer a few weeks ago and I really like that one. It doesn't make me look shiny or shimmery, just ads a slight glow. Also, I LOVE Laura Geller blush and brighten blushes! 

Jan 22, 2012

Jennifer P.

another quick tip, along with mixing a bit of highlighting product with your foundation is to use a powder to set and mattify your makeup everywhere EXCEPT the area you want to remain dewy. this will give you more of a natural dewy finish, instead of an artificial one!

Jan 22, 2012

Jennie A.

I have oily/combination skin and i just bought MUFE hd foundation kit love it love it!! Gives me a dewy look and lasts me about 8-10 hours!!

MakeupbyLaurenClark says to mix Careblends oil into foundation too.

Feb 19, 2013

Tiffany M.

BB make up

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