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What's your biggest beauty regret?

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Feb 08, 2011

Ning C.

I totally regret rolling up my sleeves in the car to tan them every day on my way to and from school. Now I have little brown sun damage spots all over my upper arms that won't go away!

Feb 08, 2011

Christina T.

Sun damage on my body! After a dip in the ocean, I fell asleep on the beach afterwards without reapplying sunscreen. Mind you, this was in Oahu on the hottest day ever. My entire back and legs blistered from the sun burn for quite a long time. Even friends who live in Hawaii said they've never seen sun damage so severe. My skin was splotchy for about two years and now my skin is sensitive. Oy vey, if only I could turn back time to that day :P  

Feb 08, 2011

Lisa M.

Not pushing the envelope more often!

Not wearing moisturizer in all my years of high school ... I felt like it made my already oily skin oilier! Not to mention, someone told me that slathering my face with 70% alcohol would help dry out the pimples. Nope, it just freaked out and confused my skin even more T_T Oh, skin problems.

Feb 08, 2011

Ada M.

Not wearing sunscreen religiously beginning at a younger age. I have great skin for my age (40ish), but I never really wore sunscreen or cared about sunscreen in my foundation or other products until I was in my late 30s and noticed brown sunspots appearing on my upper cheeks and under my eyes. Gaahhh! After that was when I really started to notice that kind of thing on people around me as well--I'd never really paid attention to it before because I assumed it would never happen to me! Good serums containing retinol and daily sunscreen have reduced much of the damage and definitely prevented any new damage, but if I had started wearing sunscreen in my 20s or 30s, my skin would be in even better shape. So for you younger ladies...wear your sunscreen!!  

Overplucking! My brows have grown back and are full again...but not as full as they are naturally. :-/ The adonia organics eyebrow serum I used make them grow back perfectly!!!

Andrea F.

Feb 09, 2011

Andrea F.

None of my beauty regrets really effect me now but I cringe at how my eyebrows used to be. Ahah. They were non-existant! I would shave them instead of plucking and would always mess up. Ahaha. But they're fine now... One time I over processed my hair in a matter of 2 days trying to get it the perfect blonde and It was FRIED for what seems like forever, It's nice now though. & Yeah. :P 

Feb 17, 2011

Vivian L.

Not blending my foundation properly and not using the right formula for my skin during the beginning of my foray into makeup.

I looked terrible in photos but for some reason, I couldn’t see it at that time. I don’t even want to imagine what people were thinking when they saw me in person! 

Feb 17, 2011

Savannah S.

shaving my mustashe lolol!! Seriously, now if I dont wax regularly, im a grizzly bear!!

Not taking better care of my skin as a teenager. I think all of us who are in our 30s (and older) can regret that since I bet every single one of us didn't think that our 30s would hit so fast! LOL

I'm gonna go with two things.

1) Overplucking my eyebrows - My teenage years where at the stage of fashionable thin eyebrows and I regret it daily now as I'm growing them thicker.

2) Definitely not getting to know my skin better in my teenage years. I'm pretty sure if I knew my skin like I do now, I would of gotten rid of my horrible teenage acne and scars by now.

Feb 18, 2011

Liana B.

omg plucking my eyebrows! i totally went overboard in high school and they have yet to grow back properly; now i have to fill them in or else i look like a weirdo
that, and not wearing sunscreen...which is something that i still have yet to do :P

Feb 18, 2011

DeShelle W.

Popping Pimples. It's a pain getting these dark marks off my face...
but thank goodness I calmed them down. now they just cover up with my foundation or concealer.

Feb 18, 2011

Linda D.

Not taking care of my skin in high school! I never really cared about my skin so I used whatever product I had laying around on my face. Now I have to deal with my mild acne and really stepping up my game to get my skin back to how it was in freshmen year :(

Feb 19, 2011

Farah A.

I truly regret wearing make-up to cover up my insecurities. Two years ago, I wouldn't be seen with a caking of foundation, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow(s), and mascara...lordy!

In essence, I didn't have the passion for the artistry. I used it as a way to not look at my actual face.

Now I just think girls should attend courses on make-up before diving in just to judge if they're truly ready.

Also, I regret using physical exfoliation. Oy vey! What a disaster...imagine a 19 year old literally scrubbing her face off in the hopes of a fresher, brighter complexion--whatever that meant to me those days! Now I get the lovely reminder in the form of scarring. Gorgeous. 

I have 3:
1) Over-tweezing my eyebrows (had to have them tattooed back on)
2) Not wearing eye cream till I was 30
3) Not wearing moisturizer consistently in my teens and 20's - not keeping my skin hydrated lead to breakouts.  :-(

I have 2 that I kick myself in the butt over!
1. Not wearing sunscreen on my face during my teens and early twenties, I now have freckles and a big sun spot on my cheek!
2. Over plucking my eyebrows. My eyebrows have always been thin but I used to pluck the hell out of them and now I hardly have any! 

Feb 21, 2011

Susana E.

Not taking care of my skin in my pre-teens and teenage years! now that im 20 im taking better care of my skin and you can tell...LOL

Feb 21, 2011

Cristina C.

forgetting to remove make up before i go to bed!

Mar 28, 2011

Mellissa T.

using foundation darker than the rest of my body!

I hate when I buy a foundation or concealer that's darker/lighter than my shade it's so aggravating especially if it's expensive! 

Mar 28, 2011

Jane K.

I definitely regret not taking care of my skin & the acne from my teen years. Now I'm left with dark pigmentation on my cheeks. :( That, and also thinking that super plucked & arched eyebrows were beautiful for my face--turns out that that look just isn't for me.

Mar 28, 2011

Lirra T.

Definitely overdoing my eyebrows. They would have sucha better shape if I didn't hop on board with the super thin eyebrow look when I was a teen =(

Mar 28, 2011

Kris E.

Lmao, I agree with Lirra -___- When I first tweezed my bushy brows back in 7th grade, I had some awesome brows (think of the "ideal" brows women try to achieve today!), but I just had to go & ruin it with the pencil-thin, rounded arch chola brows in high school. *sighs* It's decent now, after letting it grow out for a few years.. but it's not the same. Poo.

Mar 28, 2011

Tree S.

Not sleeping on my back. I have lines I would not have had I not slept with my face smashed into the pillow. It's not a big regret. Otherwise, my skin is beautiful.

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