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Pluck, wax or thread?

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How do you shape your eyebrows?

Personally I wax using a hard wax which means I don't have to use a muslin strip with it.

I'm currently letting my eyebrows grow out (bangs city for me) because I want to get them threaded.

So what about you? Pluck, wax or thread?

Dec 29, 2010

Tree S.

I've just recently tried threading for the first time. It works amazingly well for me.

Dec 29, 2010

Paige N.

I LOVE Threading but unfortunately I have curly eyebrows so it makes them thinner than I would like.. Waxing has more precision for my eyebrow type. Right now I'm just letting the grow out =__= 

Dec 29, 2010

Kenya D.

i get mines waxed too i'm growing the out cuz i think threading would be better for my thin eye brows

Dec 29, 2010

Amalee W.

I only get my brows waxed for special occasions. Any other occasion, I grow them out then pluck them whenever I can't stand to look at them anymore... teehee.

Dec 29, 2010

Kristin A.

I went to get my brows waxed a while back, and I enjoyed it, but my brows grow out SO fast! Now I just maintain the shape by plucking and trimming.

Andrea F.

Dec 30, 2010

Andrea F.

I got my brows waxed a week or two ago and I've been plucking since.. I get quite lazy with my brows a lot of the time. I got into the habit of shaving the unwanted hairs for a while. Hahah. Umm. Yeah. For now I'm plucking though.

Dec 30, 2010

Naomi P.

i usually go get them waxed then, just pluck the little tiny ones that ome in after a week i try and keep up with them but they grow like weeds lol i usually go get them waxed like once a month 

Dec 30, 2010

Kristen A.

I pluck mine. I've never done anything else. I've been doing it so long I barely have to anymore, which is nice :)

I wax mine, and Pluck inbetween waxings, I just think it gets the shape on my eyebrowns more precise 

Jan 05, 2011

Joyce S.

My mother has really close relations to the gals that do threading and waxing at the salon she owns.
Waxing does not hurt at all, and I think that the results last much longer. After they wax the general shape, then they proceed with plucking just to get the stray hairs.
Tweezing on your own can be a a big mistake, because I have over plucked before and was left with noticeably thin eyebrows.
If you pluck yourself have two mirrors, a close up one and one from a distance so you can have a perspective at all times. :)

I Pluck my eyebrows everyday(unless its a lazy day) which sounds crazy but its the first thing i look at before i start my makeup.

I get mine waxed either every 5 or 6 months too to get the stray platnum blonde hairs and what i call my peach fuzz. I wax myself too but occasionally visit my benefit brow bar when im not in the mood haha.

Ive never tried the threading it kinda freaks me out to be honest haha

Jan 05, 2011

Amanda K.

usually wax but every since i found that it can lead to wrinkles i keep it for everywhere else on my body and i love the clean, crisp lines of threading.. thats why all the indian girls have the best eyebrows. love it! and it lasts just as long as waxing and pulls from the root.. it just hurts a little bit because i legitmately enjoy the feeling of waxing.. then in between threading and waxing which i alternate, i pluck what hairs might grow in til next visit :D

Threading for me! So much better for the skin, no tugging n pulling like waxing which isn't good especially for a mature woman. Threading lasts longer and my girl knows how to shape my brows. 

Jan 05, 2011

Christina T.

I use to get my eyebrows threaded all the time! It's fairly painless, inexpensive, and gave a flawless look to my brows. I can't wax since it breaks my face out horribly. I haven't been back to threading since 1) I've been lazy 2) Plucking and cutting them myself has been going well :) 

Jan 08, 2011

Leo V.

I used to get mine waxed, but after a while I found that waxing was leaving dry patches on and around my brows and making them dry, i guess because i have sensitive skin, so i pluck them. I have very thick brows (I'm glad I do :-D) and they grow back really fast lol. But I rather pluck than to have the patches and bumps from wax.

Nov 27, 2011

Perla R.

both thread and pluck... i thread most of it but i pluck the places where i can't or i miss threading. 

Nov 27, 2011

Kristen W.

I just pluck to get rid of stray hairs. My brows have a nice natural shape already, so they don't require much care. I used to get them waxed, but I got sick of going and realized it was not necessary. 

I like to pluck but prefer waxing..I want to try the threading of the eyebrows but I was told it of course I just have to really want to do :)

Nov 27, 2011

Atiyah Y.

I used to get mine waxed then got them threaded for the first time in October for a wedding. It hurt much more but lasted longer than waxing. 

Nov 27, 2011

Soma S.

I tweeze mine... Waxed ages ago, but I hate letting someone else control the shape of my brows!

Nov 28, 2011

Julia N.

I pluck mine myself and I'm perfectly happy with them- I just keep them trimmed and groomed and I never have to spend a dime :)

Nov 28, 2011

Mary S.

I only do a small amount of plucking with a pair of Revlon tweezers. Threading seems interesting, but I don't have the need for it, nor the funds. 

Nov 28, 2011

Cameron R.

Have yet to try threading, but I love a good wax every now and then, and I tweeze in between.

I pluck them myself now. I'm done with salons always waxing them into a different shape or just waxing too much off. (>.<)! I haven't tried threading yet....

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