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Best red lipstick shade

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Nov 24, 2010

Huda A.

Hey everyone, I was woundering how to choose the best red lipstick shade for my skin color. I am olive/tan, hazel brown eyes & aurbun hair color. any suggestions??? (every woman can wear red ;) )
could u guyz please recommend some drugstore brands, shades, etc.

Nov 26, 2010

Luna V.

Ohman. I'm really not well versed in drugstore brands at all. But YES every woman can wear red--I love bricky, rusty reds on olive skin tones. Things like MAC's Viva Glam I, or Hourglass's Siren will still read classic red, but lack the blue undertones that can make a red look "off" on certain skintones.

That said, I'm sure NYX makes something in that family. Again, not sure if they're "drug store," but around here you can buy them in beauty supply places all over, and are very inexpensive.

Nov 27, 2010

Huda A.

oooh, Thank u dear,
well, I might give the MAC one's a try :D I will look 4 them on my next trip to the UK (they dont have NYX though, or non that i know about). We dont have a MAC in Egypt :(

Nov 28, 2010

Kristen I.

I have one from Wet N Wild. Its the Mega Last Lip Color. Not sure of the name but the number is 911D

Nov 28, 2010

Huda A.

thank you Kristen :)

Dec 02, 2010

Anita R.
Check out my City Girls in Red Lipstick -

To see some amazing Reds:

Hands down i am a HUGE fan of Revlons matte collection! they have 2 reds one is more of an orange-red and the other is a deeper red which im wearing in my picture shown! they look AMAZING alone & with gloss plus they just came out with a new red lipstick called fire & ice and its a very pretty true red!
NYX jumbo lip pencils i have found have some amazing red lipsticks as well but the lasting power isnt like revlon!

Plus they arent expensive!

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