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MAC Woodwinked vs. UD Half Baked

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Nov 21, 2010

Yu A.

Are they similar? What are the differences in terms of colour, texture etc.,? I'm looking for more of a rich gold, and I don't have either of them. I've always wondered if Woodwinked would look too orange on me, and I've never actually swatched Half Baked, but I see it on YouTube and it looks so pretty - are they different enough to justify buying both, or should they be bought as 'dupes'?

Hmm i have both eyeshadows and I think woodwinked is more orange. It looks really pretty though :) I think half baked is more gold then woodwinked. They don't seem similar to me...yesterday I used woodwinked on the lid and half baked in the inner tear ducts. So I dont think they are similar...they both go on buttery smooth and are beautiful colors. Half baked seems to have more shimmer then woodwinked. Hope this helps :) 

Nov 22, 2010

Yu A.

Ahh someone told me the same thing when I asked.. I decided to skip on UD for now, but I can see myself getting it another time. Right now, I do have a gold colour already, but not a bronze. But I guess Woodwinked seems more unique than half-baked.. am I right? Thank you so much for your help! :)

Nov 23, 2010

Rai C.

They are not similar to me at all. Half Baked is more of a true gold and Woodwinked is way lighter.

yea woodwinked is more unique. Ud half baked is just a shimmery gold. They both are beautiful though :) I would go with woodwinked if u could only buy one. Hope that helps <3

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