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A special place in my heart.

When my husband and I had JUST started dating and gone on vacation to the Caymen Islands, I saw this scent in the duty free shop and loved it. He had to go back to the islands for work a few weeks later and surprised me by picking up the bottle. I wore it on our wedding day, and I wear it every year for our anniversary. It's a really soft romantic kind of smell, and he thinks it's super sexy on me.

Adorable bottle.

I wish I could find this in a set. They never seem to have it in the stores. I love the bottle. It's super cute, and it looks so adorable sitting on my dresser. The scent is great, too. Sweet but not too sweet. It lasts a nice long while.

Awesome primer

I love that this primer helps to blur the appearance of my pores and doesn't clump up on my skin. It really helps my foundation glide on perfectly and last all day, and it doesn't break me out!

Works well

I really like the shade of this, as it's the perfect tone for my fair complexion. It makes my eyes look bigger by highlighting the inner rim of my eyes with a fleshy tone rather than a white. It doesn't gunk up in the inner corners and doesn't irritate my eyes either. Although I think it could use some staying power. It doesn't last for much more than an hour or two.

Is ok.

I've used a bunch of mud masks before and I have to rate this one just average. I'm a little on the sensitive side, and this made my face tingle almost to the point of burning. It wasn't to the the extreme of needing to take it off or it causing issues, but it did leave me a bit red for a while after. It really helped to remove any oil though and purified my pores. But it wasn't anything super special. Not the most inviting smell either.,

Not too bad

I don't think it smells all that great, but it works just like any other hairspray. You've got to tease the roots and then zap it with the hairspray though. It doesn't just give you instant volume. But it holds well and doesn't leave a sticky or white residue on the hair.

Great product!

I love this stuff for minimizing the appearance of pores. And it's great that there are different shades, too. If you use too much, it can get a little cakey on the skin and ball up, so just be sure to use it super sparingly. Which of course means the product will last longer, so that's great. Doesn't absorb into the skin, just creates a nice perfect veil over the surface.

Amazingly helpful!

I love the ingenius little cleaning grid at the bottom of the jar. It makes getting between the bristles of the brush so much more effective. I bought this at MUS a few years ago and was so happy with it. It's amazing how the solution and the jar get rid of even the brightest red lipstick from a lip brush in seconds. Just wish the glass wasn't quite so heavy, but that's not enough to be a real issue. Still rate it five stars!

Love this palette!

It took me a while to hunt down this palette from Ulta. It was sold out online and in my local store back in March. As with all of Too Faced's sets, I love this one. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and soft. The color Mermaid is just divine. It's really perfect for the summer. I love how they pair a bolder "colorful" shade with a neutral and a brown to give it the perfect combination for the everyday woman to incorporate into her look without being overwhelmed. And it's cute tin packaging makes it ideal to take with me on summer vacas!

My favorite mascara

I use this every time I put mascara on. The brush is perfect for getting volume with no clumping, even with multiple coats. Not sure on the whole curling thing, but my lashes are almost impossible to get to stay curled so I don't hold it against them! Even with a lash curler they are pretty much straight within the hour. Everything else, it's perfect.

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