Not Your Mother's

She's A Tease Volumizing Hair Spray


Kelsey W.

I gave mine to mom..... Irony is not lost on me. Because now it is my mothers. I gave up on it because the smell made me nauseas. I wish I would have given it more of a chance.

Kaci M.

Not your mothers will ALWAYS be my favorite brand of hair products! They work so well, smell DELICIOUS, and the best part's soooo cheap! The hairspray holds so well and it doesn't feel sticky or hard at all. A+!

Suzanne M.
Not too bad

I don't think it smells all that great, but it works just like any other hairspray. You've got to tease the roots and then zap it with the hairspray though. It doesn't just give you instant volume. But it holds well and doesn't leave a sticky or white residue on the hair.

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Jamie D.
It's well....uhm ok

First, I said, "what? a hairspray that smells like apple blossom?" ... yum right? nope not really, i didn't care for this weird, not smelling like apple smell, it was not what I expected at all so maybe the smell will grow on me, I don't know but either way once my trial size is gone I probably won't re-purchase just cause there are so many more to try! Good holding power though and can help create volume if you tease your hair but it didn't give me volume that i noticed anyway. Price was ok, $3 for small travel size which is nice for my purse and the packaging is cute which is why overall I give it a strong 3/5.

Breelyn H.
I need to buy more of this! So good!

I really like this hair spray because: it smells soo good, it does what it says, and it's so cost efficient. You really get what you buy and that's an amazing hairspray. I wish it would come in one of those jumbo hairspray cans because I run out of that hairspray real quick!

Mailee H.
Not Your Mother's Volumizing Hairspray

I actually really like this product. It was one of my first volumizing hairspray that I tried and it works for me because I have fine hair which makes me have more volume. This product does have a apple blossom scent which I don't mind. Its very affordable and I think it deserves a try. I love this line, and packaging. When I first saw this I absolutely had to try because it is very eye catching.

Nicole H.
Awesome for anything

I have long, thick hair and this stuff works wonders! And it's cheap! I use it when I tease my hair as well as when I curl it and it will hold curls no problem! I'd recommend this to anyone!