Purifying Mud Mask

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Krista W.
It worked well in the beginning!

I used this mask a few different times and in the beginning, my skin took it well. It would clear up my pores and really leave my face feeling soft and smooth. However, as I began doing it maybe once a month, it started to irritate my skin. I would use the mask and I would feel a burning sensation on my skin, while the product was still on my face. I would quickly wash it off but it left my face feeling dry and burning for awhile after. I am not sure if the product needs to be used within a certain time period, but I used it once a month usually maybe twice and it lasted over a year. It was towards the end that it began to bother my skin. AHAVA is a great company, though. Quality items for sure. I use their products but I have not tried another mud mask and I am unsure if I will.

Suzanne M.
Is ok.

I've used a bunch of mud masks before and I have to rate this one just average. I'm a little on the sensitive side, and this made my face tingle almost to the point of burning. It wasn't to the the extreme of needing to take it off or it causing issues, but it did leave me a bit red for a while after. It really helped to remove any oil though and purified my pores. But it wasn't anything super special. Not the most inviting smell either.,