Beauty Product Reviews

Pure pigment!

Red pencils have been the bane of my makeup journey. Sometimes too brown, too orange, too blue, but NSFW is the PERfect red pencil! Works perfectly with MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick. Literally the same color. Works on eyes and lips flawlessly! No feathering, no fuss, just pigment. I don't think there's a brand that does pencils like OCC. The Chroma line from MAC is almost on par with OCC but I'm still partial to OCC.

Pigment FTW!

You can't beat OCC pencils. The pigment is true to advertisement. No layering required to get desired pigment. Works well on eyes, lips, and face! Pool Boy is all I need for a complete eye look! Can't get enough of these pencils.

Favorite pencils!

I hope that OCC expands their pencil line and adds more colors because I have been 100% satisfied with every single one of their pencils! Works well on eyes, lips, and skin. Anime is the best pink pencil I own. I love the MAC Chroma pencils but OCC takes the cake on pencils.

Favorite yellow!

I get exactly the color I want with one layer. With other yellow pencils I've had to layer 4 or 5 times to get the pigment that is advertised or lay a primer and set it with translucent powder then apply the yellow. This pencil goes on true to it's advertised color the first layer without additional work. Works great on eyes or lips. Never getting a different yellow pencil. I'm a fan of all the Chromagraphic pencils!

True to it's name!

This pencil is the most pigmented orange I've tried! Goes on smooth and I don't have to go over the same spot more than once to get a great color. Goes on well on eyes and lips. The whole Chromagraphic line is so true to it's advertised color. In love!

I am obsessed!

I will look for any reason and even assemble outfits to accommodate a look that allows me to use Heroine! I love bold color and it's a perfect purple/magenta mix. I have to say that this is a color unique to the MAC brand. Haven't found anything like it anywhere else. Looks great with OCC Anime lip pencil for an ombré effect.

Favorite MAC Lashes

For my happa eyes, these are my favorite!! Versatile and durable. I live for them! Work with light and dark looks! Mine have lasted 11+ looks! Easy to apply and work well when layered with other lashes.

My absolute favorite!

In general, you can't go wrong with an OCC pencil. Black Dahlia is my favorite color of any cosmetic brand. I use OCC pencils on my lips and eyes and get amazing pigment, shape, and it is definitely long wear! Love that it's vegan and cruelty free! Always a plus. I'm also in love with the OCC pencils Anime, Pool Boy, and NSFW.

Staple nude lip!

My makeup enthusiast friends and I call this the "Your lips but better." color. It's the perfect nude lip color. Combined with the MAC Lip liner Stone, this will give you perfect Raven lips (See images of Drag queen Raven). It's just pink enough to give you a really natural look if you use it without a liner too. It's one of my favorite lip colors of any brand. For a lighter alternative, try Honey-Love by MAC.