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Stephanie D.
Favorite MAC Lashes
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie D.

For my happa eyes, these are my favorite!! Versatile and durable. I live for them! Work with light and dark looks! Mine have lasted 11+ looks! Easy to apply and work well when layered with other lashes.

Erica H.

Most definitely some high end quality lashes. I want to say you don't need 15$ lashes but these look and feel so natural it's only normal to buy and use them. When it comes to lashes i usually stick to Ardell or Kiss or Red Cherry..I like to use my MAC only on special occasions and I would even clean and re-use them.

Shanta R.

Great Lashes, Convenient packaging, I love MAC lashes Because they have a wide selection for any look, Ranging from Natural to dramatic :) they are easy to apply and always get the job done.

Liz F.

I usually don't wear falsies because I like my lashes how they are but since I get these falsies I can't stop loving them!! They're great for going to a party or going out or impressing someone (just with your eyes;)) LOVE!

But I need to say that I always need someone who applies them for me, cause I just can't. Thats ok, at least I know some people who can handle them :)