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Aeshal K.
Ultimate Nude!

Absolutely adore this lip color. It's my go to lipstick for daily wear. It has an orange undertone so it doesn't give a washed out effect like most nude lip colors do.

Stephanie F.
love it

Kings Sexy is the perfect nude! Its my lips but better shade. Completely matte and long wearing. Its a must in your collection. Its a perfect beige that's not too pink or too brown. It complements the paler skintones nicely even those like me with a pink undertone.

Myrna P.
All time fave

Kinda Sexy is my go too lipstick. I love peachy colors. It is gorgeous. It is a matte finish and last a good two to three hours without reapplying unless you eat. It is very drying so I normally apply a lip balm after.

Stephanie D.
Staple nude lip!

My makeup enthusiast friends and I call this the "Your lips but better." color. It's the perfect nude lip color. Combined with the MAC Lip liner Stone, this will give you perfect Raven lips (See images of Drag queen Raven). It's just pink enough to give you a really natural look if you use it without a liner too. It's one of my favorite lip colors of any brand. For a lighter alternative, try Honey-Love by MAC.

Clarissa S.
Oh my gorgeous!

Okay so I bought this lipstick just a couple of days ago because I wanted to find a nude lipstick.. I bought it just thinking it would be okay but as soon as I tried it on, words could not describe how in love I was with this lipstick. It is great for olive skin tones and definitely looks really sexy once paired with a set of bold smokey eyes 😏