Beauty Product Reviews

Works great!

I didn't really know about this product until I started working at the Laura Mercier counter. This product is AHHHMAZING! I break out around my chin every now and thn and it really helps it cover it really good. Its amazing how this thing works, it even covers all my moles; I have wayyy too many moles on one side of my face. I usually use it after I apply my foundation and tab all the harsh end around with my finger, and then I set it with laura mercier translucent powder to give it a flawless look :)


Amazing netural colors!

LOOOVEEEEEEEEE this palette! Good for netural eyemakeup, everyday makeup. Very pigmented and easily blended! I love that color Fashion and Day; I usually use those two colors on my brow bone

Pros: Great colors

Cons: Expensive

Heavy Concealer

Love this concealer! Its full coverage but after a while it starts to look a little oily around the eye area; for that I use Laura Mercier setting powder after applying this concealer. A little goes a long way..It works great, it stays on forever!! I use the pencil to line my eyebrows only. Def. worth the $$$! :D

Waste of money

I got the pink one from Walmart few months ago, I only tried it once and I had to take the whole makeup off because it made my skin look so oily. My makeup was coming off with the little microbeads that were in the primer

Waste of money!

<3 it!

These jumbo pencils are amazing! I got like 5 different colors from Ulta. You can use them as eyeshadows or eyeliners. Light colors are perfect for the corner shadows! They blend easily, they do crease but make sure you use a primer first. I love how they're so creamy and pigmented!

Best eye pencils

Love these eye pencils! I sometimes use these with the glitter liners from urban decay. They stay on for a long time..too bad all my colors got stolen :/

I usually use the bright colors on my bottom water line. My fav one is the blue one!

Works great!

I got this product last weekend and so far I LOVE IT! It smells a little weird but its not as bad as other smelly products out there. I've only used it twice a week, I wouldn't recommend using this more than twice a week because it might make your skin a little too dry. After this mask I apply the Modern Fusion (Origins) overnight so my skin doesn't get too dry and it also helps with the dullness, roughness, sallowness, brown spots, and smoothness!

Its worth the money! :)