Out of Trouble


Jenny C.
Refreshing and calms my skin

Personally I like the smell and find it therapeutic, though it may be too strong for other people. The mask is tingly once you've applied it and I like to leave it on for slightly longer than 10 minutes before I use a warm washcloth to wipe it off. I find it makes a difference from just washing it off your face with water, the steam from the washcloth helps to open up the pores too and I feel really refreshed afterwards.

The cost is slightly high for what I would normally budget for a mask but you have to spend money for the products you like.

The packaging is clean, simple. Nothing special.

I would buy this again but I think the Origins brand has pulled out of the Pacific region. There's still plenty in circulation though and I would buy it online, hopefully at a bargain price.

Simmy R.
Works great!

I got this product last weekend and so far I LOVE IT! It smells a little weird but its not as bad as other smelly products out there. I've only used it twice a week, I wouldn't recommend using this more than twice a week because it might make your skin a little too dry. After this mask I apply the Modern Fusion (Origins) overnight so my skin doesn't get too dry and it also helps with the dullness, roughness, sallowness, brown spots, and smoothness!

Its worth the money! :)