Beauty Product Reviews

great moisturizing cream

It moisturizes really well and absorbs quickly. I used it in my evening skincare routine and was really satisfied with the texture and miniaturization level. I recommend it for night use only because it does not have any SPF.

Did not work that good for me

I bought this product for my evening skincare routine because I wanted my pores reduced and refined. I tried applying with a cotton pad or just patting on the face. The result was a pretty weird whitish film on my face that did not do much. I would even go that far as to say that the ''rare earth'' might have clogged my pores. I didn't observe any pore reduction although I have been diligently using it for over a month each night.

very good night eye treatment

I use it just at night and just against dark circles. I would not recommend it for use in the morning as the prospect advised. For me it creates relay bright whitish circles around my eyes that needs time during the night to absorb. So it would look really weird applied in the morning before the makeup routine. But for the night is really OK if one uses it diligently one can get good results.

Great foundation

In summer I used it in parallel with the Estée Lauder BB Cream. I am very likely to use it more in winter as it protects the skin at moisturizes just enough, but at the same time it has a little bit of SPF to protect the skin against the weaker winter sun. I mainly use it on the center of my face to cancel the redness around the nose and mouth and to have an evened out skin-tone. Because of that I can notice it fading until the end of the day. However I am pretty sure if I applied it in more layers it would last longer.

I like the warm bronzer

I like the warm bronzer a lot. It does give you a healthy warm glow. However I mainly used it in summer. For contouring it is best to use the four colors blended. I tried using them separately with the light color as a highlighter, but did not like the effect that much.

Really smooth and great brush

I use it on a daily basis for applying powder on my T-zone. I have had it for more than two years and it is still in really good shape. I would definitely repurchase together with other brushes from the E.L.F. Studio line.

Totally good!

It is a really good primer that makes your eye-shadow stay on the whole day. Without primer even high end eye-shadows like the Dior ones crease. So all in all it is a must have! I am quite sure that I will repurchase.