White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment


Silvi C.
very good night eye treatment
Photo of product included with review by Silvi C.

I use it just at night and just against dark circles. I would not recommend it for use in the morning as the prospect advised. For me it creates relay bright whitish circles around my eyes that needs time during the night to absorb. So it would look really weird applied in the morning before the makeup routine. But for the night is really OK if one uses it diligently one can get good results.

Romee H.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment really work with Dark Circle! put it on at night time and see the Brighter under eye by morning!! highly recommend if you have bad dark circle, but it's not for anti-age or wrinkle treatment!

Nu Nu Dollie N.
Not worth the pricey tag/gave me a milia breakout

This product to me was a complete and utter fail. It didn't absorb into skin, but it felt like it just sat on top of my skin and made it greasy looking. I used it religiously too, hoping that if I gave it a chance, it would magically work for me like it had worked for others. Nope, fail. I am also prone to milia. Those little white protein sacs that can form under your skin. This made it worse! :( So if you're prone to milia, deff avoid this product.