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Great eyeshadow

I bought it in Serbia, at Inglot store in Big Shopping C. I love the shades of 112r,rainbow. Great eyeshadow for eyes like mine, green-gray sometimes green-blue. I would recommend it :)

It's just good. :)

It's ok,not very impressive. I have clear one, and it just make my make up stay longer, my face look smoothed at first sight. But for 1100 RSD it does great job. :)

Yes, I'm satisfied. :)

I was on many blog pages,and read reviews,i find it pleased many girls so i decided to try it. I went to Alexandar cosmetics in Novi Sad,Serbia,and I bought it. I came home,and immediately put it on eyes,and under eyes as corrector,it made great result, my shadows lasted longer. Price is 630 RSD and it's very good price with quility it has. Sorry for my english,it's not my first language. :*