Beauty Product Reviews

Love this product!

I love this as a highlighter on my cheekbones! It really enhances them and isn't too shimmery which is the usual downfall for a lot of highlighters. Since I have pink undertones in my skin, this complements my skin perfectly. Also, even though it's kind of expensive, it's lasted me forever! (:

One of my Faves!

I absolutely love Urban Decay's eyeliners! These are so creamy and when they set, they stay for the entire day! The range of colors is phenomenal - I have a couple of them (like Zero, Oil Slick, Electric, Crash, and others) and I like how I can use some for a certain look and some for another. You can use them as bases for eyeshadows, too, because they are so creamy. While they are kind of expensive for an eyeliner, they are worth every penny. Plus, they are waterproof, which is a great bonus, and they stay in the waterline for the whole day and are extremely pigmented. These are awesome eyeliners! (:


Initially, I had heard a lot of mixed reviews on this mascara, but I decided to try it out anyway. I'm really glad I did! It really lengthens my lashes, and since I have a good amount of thick lashes, I need a lot of definition and length, so I was really please with the results. I don't find it flaking at all and it really helps define my lashes. I find that it works best if I wiggle the brush a bit to coax my lashes up and then brush so they fan out. I think it depends what type of lashes you have with this mascara, too, and that's why it doesn't work on some people and there are mixed reviews about it. The only thing I don't particularly like about it too much is that if you let it dry a bit, it does clump a bit if you try to put a second coat on the dry lashes. But other than that, I love this mascara!

Smells Good, But Overall OK

I heard a lot about this lip balm, and I have 3: Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop, and Honeydew. I'm someone who likes to take lip balm with them in their pocket, so I was disappointed to find out that it will not fit in your pockets unless you have really deep pockets haha. But even so, I was kind of disappointed in it. It smells really, really good, and it's very true to the name of the balm. When I first put it on, it moisturized my lips a little bit, but within maybe a half hour or an hour, my lips would feel really dry again. I kind of wish it had more moisturizing qualities and wasn't just giving me a waxy feeling on my lips.

Best Palette Ever!

The UD Naked Palette is absolutely my favorite palette that I own. I use it almost everyday, and it's perfect for creating neutral, everyday looks, smokey, night looks, and everything in between. There's a good range of colors and they are all really unique in a different way. My most used eyeshadow in the palette (I've hit the pan in 6 colors already!) is probably Sin or Buck, because Sin is just so gorgeous and looks great on any skin tone and Buck is a matte medium brown that is really rich and not muddy at all. There is only 2 matte colors though, but the other colors have different ranges of shimmer or glitter or satin finish. The packaging is really convenient and I think it's really simple but very genius. The price of the palette is nothing when you think about how much you will use it - and the shadows are full size eyeshadows, just packed in a different way. The pigmentation of the shadows are also amazing. One swipe and you get a ton of color. I totally recommend this palette to anyone. It's perfect for everybody and would look beautiful on any skin tone!