Beauty Product Reviews

The best roll up ever!

I've been looking for quite some time a good and useful roll up. And finally I've found the perfect one! Some of its features: -Five can see through pouches. -Velcro attached so you can separate them from the roll up to go wherever you want, taking just one pouch with essentially what you need. -You can hang it behind your bedroom or bathroom door. -It is machine washable!

I personally use this quad myself and I love it! These pigments are very soft. Design for those who doesn't want to wear too much makeup and look more natural. I love these tones!

I love this foundation! It's hypoallergenic. It has a very nice and soft satin finish. A light and natural coverage. I myself use it during day time and It has a 15 SPF. The feeling is like you are wearing nothing!

Excellent Blush! This is one of my favorites. First of all it is hypoallergenic, makes the skin look very soft and natural and great in pictures! I myself use it! Love it's satin finish.