Smart Shade Makeup


Haley C.

I have fair skin and if I buy this in the lightest shade - it doesn't "blend" into the skin.. as soon as it hits the skin it turns super orangey and is hard to even blend out afterwards.

Emma K.

I did a swatch test on my jaw line, and it matched really well. next I applyed it with my real techniques expert face brush like usual , but there's no coverage what so ever. none. it was hard to blend , so ill just use it to prime my eyelids. overall, not a foundation for problem skin.

MaKenzie T.
Will never recommend this to ANYONE!!!

This left my ski. super oily and the coverage was absolutely horrible. Like I have nothing good to say about it... It even after about two hours of wear, started to separate in a sense. It wasn't worth any amount of money.

Emma S.
Thought it wouldn't work

This foundation is pretty light coverage but it's amazing. It comes out white and turns kind of orange on your skin at first. Then it somehow matches your skin color pretty closely. It's a great foundation but I just got tired of it.

Kirbie S.
Kinda like a BB Cream

I've had this stuff for quite some time and I use it when I don't want full coverage! I think of this stuff kind of like a BB cream but a little heavier. Even though this foundation is still pretty light! I don't use it that often, but I wouldn't say that it's awful.

Haley C.
I've only used a couple of times, not impressed.

I was really NOT impressed. For me it was very hard to get an even, smooth coverage. It was really thin but it had a lot more color than I expected. It was ridiculous. It made me orange after about an hour, I tried it again applying even less - I didn't turn orange, but it gave me NO coverage. Might as well have went bare.

Angelia K.
Love it.

I like how it blends to match my skin colour and I like the texture how it feels on my face. I would definitely use again. You can hardly tell that I'm wearing it even while hiding most of my imperfections!

Kristen T.
Only use if you want to look like a carrot!

This was very blotchy, and after 30 minutes or so it turned very orange and just looked horrendous. I definitely would not recommend this to anyone I know, especially not the paler ladies.

Emily S.

Thus far it's the best liquid foundation that I have found for my skin. I have really sensitive and sometimes dry skin and it doesn't clog my pores or make me break out. Sometimes it does leave slight streaks on my face. I've found that blending it in a little better with my fingers usually gets rid of any streaks. I use the light shade and it matched my skin tone perfectly.

Michele M.
Simply AWFUL

Alright, so I'm very pale and I thought something like this would be awesome for me. I have such a hard time trying to find something in my color. This a hot mess. It really is. It's really thick and heavy and gross. But I thought the color was fine. UNTIL TWO HOURS INTO MY DAY. It turned an absolutely horrible fake tan orange color, and took on the texture of halloween greasepaint mixed with chalk. And to top it all off, it's incredibly hard to get off of your face once you have it on. I swear. I just....I really hate this product. It is hands down THE WORST product I have ever used. If I could give it less than one star I would.